Danny Love Island New boy Danny gives Love Island fans red flags39; as he warns

Danny Love Island New boy Danny gives Love Island fans red flags39; as he warns
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Love Island's Sherif Lanre criticises decision to allow Danny to stay Mon, 19 Jul 2021 11:00:00 +0100-NEW BOY Danny Bibby has given Love Island fans "red flags" after he warned partner Lucinda Strafford: "Don't mug me off."The 25-year-old plumber enter.


New boy Danny gives Love Island fans ‘red flags’ as he warns Lucinda ‘don’t mug me off’

July 19, 2021

NEW BOY Danny Bibby has given Love Island fans “red flags” after he warned partner Lucinda Strafford: “Don't mug me off.”

The 25-year-old plumber entered the villa last week, and quickly made a mark after stealing Lucinda away from Aaron Francis in last night's re-coupling.

Danny issued a stark warning to Lucinda in last night's show
She was clearly stunned by his words

Aaron had been grafting the 21-year-old beauty since her first partner Brad got dumped from the Island – but as a bombshell, Danny was allowed to pick his partner first.

That didn't stop Aaron from trying his luck with Lucinda afterwards, and she admitted to pal Chloe that she likes both men and doesn't know who to choose.

She entertained chats with Danny and Aaron across an evening – but the former was visibly unhappy when he spotted her speaking to his love rival.

Pulling her up for a stern chat, Danny issued a frank warning as he told Lucinda: “I don't want to invest my time if you're not feeling it, I'll crack on elsewhere.

“My worst fear is you just mugging me off, because I've got a lot of pride.

“I feel like if someone mugs me off then game on, it's like the worst thing you can do.”

She was visibly stunned by this confrontation, and later told Aaron: “We had a bit of an awkward chat just then, he said his worst fear is that he's mugged off.

“I have told him I fancy him, I'm just trying to work out what's going on.”

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Spotting Danny glaring at their conversation, she gasped: “He looks fuming.”

Viewers at home couldn't believe how Danny was behaving – and claimed that his comments were “red flags”.

Flocking to social media, one concerned fan wrote: “Danny is so aggressive and controlling. Giving off a million red flags.”

Another added: “Lucinda is already scared/worried about what Danny thinks… HE IS RED RED RED FLAGS”.

A third shared a collection of red flag emojis as they wrote: “Danny being possessive within 5 minutes of being coupled up…”

One more posted: “Nah Lucinda needs to slowly back away from Danny he’s a walking red flag.”

Others were particularly shocked as Danny had only known Lucinda for two days by this point, with one sharing: “The fact that Danny is so p***ed off when they’ve known each other like 24 hours is the biggest f***ing red flag, like grow up.”

Another echoed: “Danny has so many red flags, and it makes me slightly worried for Lucinda if she wants to pursue something with him.

“He's very controlling and possessive over her after what… 2 days?”

One more tweeted: “Danny giving off them red flag vibes by getting so angry and possessive over someone he’s known a hot minute.”

Danny was embroiled in a scandal before he even stepped foot in the Love Island villa after he was caught using a racial slur on social media.

Fans were horrified when they spotted he'd casually used the N-word in a conversation on Instagram, which the person running the account in his absence quickly removed.

Lucinda later said Danny was 'fuming' she was talking to Aaron
New Love Islander Danny says 'I deserve respect' after Aaron tries to kiss new partner Lucinda in front of him

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New boy Danny gives Love Island fans 'red flags' as he warns … Mon, 19 Jul 2021 11:00:00 +0100-Lanre was kicked off dating show after nine days in 2019.


Sherif Lanre accuses Love Island of ‘double standards’ after allowing Danny to stay amid backlash to N-word post

July 19, 2021

Former Love Island contestant Sherif Lanre has hit out at the ITV2 show for allowing Danny Bibby to remain after a social media post emerged of him using the N-word.

Ahead of his arrival in the villa during Friday (16 July) night’s episode, viewers had called for Bibby to be removed from the show after an Instagram post of his from 2019 circulated online in which he used the racial slur.

While contestants are not usually informed what is being written about them by the public, ITV “raised their concerns” with Bibby about the since-deleted post.

The plumber then made a statement from inside the villa, commenting that he wanted to apologise for his “unacceptable” and “inappropriate” remark.

However, further calls to remove Bibby have now been amplified by Lanre, who has accused the show of double standards.

The 22-year-old was in the starting line-up of the 2019 series of Love Island, but was removed from the villa after just nine days for using the phrase “c*** punt” after accidentally kicking a female contestant in the crotch.

“ITV have shown complete double standards when it comes to racism. They don’t seem to care,” Lanre told The Sun.

“A white guy has been allowed to apologise from inside the villa for using the N-word and carry on filming, whereas I was removed for play fighting and doing something by accident.”

He continued: “The N-word shouldn’t be used and this contestant should be removed from the house like I was, especially after the England football team were racially abused this week. ITV need to set an example.”

The Independent has contacted ITV for comment.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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– July 19, 2021
Danny Love Island New boy Danny gives Love Island fans red flags39; as he warns
lucinda love island

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