Steps to protect your account on Facebook 2021 What are it?

Steps to protect your account on Facebook  2021  What are it?
Steps to protect your account on Facebook 2021 What are it?

While millions of people around the world routinely use Facebook on a daily basis, hackers are constantly looking to hack Facebook accounts and obtain users’ personal data.

To prevent hackers from hacking your Facebook account, you can follow these seven steps to protect your personal data, according to the British Daily Mail: 1Do not use easy passwords for multiple accounts Do not use the same password for different Facebook accounts, and try to choose strong and different passwords for each accountAccording to a report by identity firm SecureAuth, 53% of people admitted to using the same password for different accountsAccording to Raj Samani, chief scientist at McAfee, more than 36% of Facebook users have not changed their password for an extended period of time.

If a hacker gains access to one of those account passwords, they can then potentially gain access to all other accounts associated with your username and password.

This is the most popular way to access all your accountsThe chief security researcher at Kaspersky recommends changing your password frequently and making it unique, and backing it up with multi-factor authenticationaUsing multi-factor authentication Two-factor authentication, where you get a text code or email, to confirm your identity, can seem like an annoying step to gain access to your Facebook account but will give you extra protection from hackersIf you set up two-factor authentication, you will be asked to enter a special login code or confirm the login attempt each time someone tries to access Facebook from another browser or mobile device.

You can also set up an alert on Facebook to notify you if someone tries to log into your account from an unfamiliar browser or mobile devicepDo not connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi Another common way for hackers to access your account is to collect data from devices when people connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network, so it is advised to make sure that all the Wi-Fi networks you use are safe whether at home, work or in public places4Select trusted friends to help you come backFacebook allows you to choose between three to five friends to be “trusted contacts” if your account is lockedOnce you have set up your trusted friends on Facebook they can issue you a code to get you back to your accountKhWatch out for geotagging Many social networks tag a user’s location when uploading an image, as well as offer users an option to tag their location when postingYou should make sure to turn this feature off to avoid revealing your location to hackers or people you don’t want to know where you areiDon’t overshare on social media Think carefully before answering Facebook questions on your profile or quizzes and pollsWhat may seem like a harmless or interesting question to you, can be a way for scammers to gather some very useful answers to personal questions.

Hackers can use your pet’s name or your mother’s name, for example, to reset your password, as these are common answers that many use in security questions.

hDon’t make friends with strangers Make your Facebook circle of friends you know and trustثقHackers often send friend requests so they can see the information you share to help them access your private informationAdjust your privacy settings so that only close friends and family can see your posts

Steps to protect your account on Facebook 2021 What are it?
Steps to protect your account on Facebook 2021 What are it?

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