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Hollywood star’s jewelry stolen at Cannes

Hollywood star's jewelry stolen at Cannes
Hollywood star’s jewelry stolen at Cannes

Jewelery was stolen from Hollywood actress Judy Turner-Smith’s room in Cannes, France, while she was attending the International Film Festival.

A source in the judicial police in the French city of Nice said that an “investigation is underway” in the matter, confirming information published by the “Nice Matin” newspaper and the specialized magazine “The Hollywood Reporter”.

It was not immediately clear if the jewelry belonged to the actress or if she had borrowed them from a brand, a common practice at Cannes.

The source pointed out that the theft was committed “Friday in the hotel room, and the actress and her surroundings called the police during the day.

” He pointed out that the value of the jewelry does not reach tens of thousands of euros, contrary to what was reported by press information, which is “not huge” compared to previous thefts on the coast of the French Riviera.

The source added: “We do not rule out any hypothesis, we cannot say anything for the moment.

” The audience was introduced to Judy Turner-Smith, a British national, on the American series “True Blood”.

She was especially prominent for her role in the movie “Queen and Slim” by American director Melina Matsokas in 2019.

The actress grew up in a family of Jamaican origins, first in Britain and then in the United States.

This year, she is invited to the Festival de Cannes to participate in discussions on the role of women and minorities in cinema

Hollywood star’s jewelry stolen at Cannes
Hollywood star’s jewelry stolen at Cannes

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