The launch of the first Emirati satellite to track wildlife

The launch of the first Emirati satellite to track wildlife
The launch of the first Emirati satellite to track wildlife

The first Emirati satellite dedicated to tracking wildlife was successfully launched, and “Ghaleb”, developed by the Emirati company “Marshall Intek”, was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA, by SpaceX, and the satellite was released into its correct orbit, which It is 550 km from sea levelThe launch of the Ghaleb satellite reflects the strong contribution of Emirati private companies in the field of space industries, and the role played by young national cadres in this sector, in confirmation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, “may God protect him.

” “By providing all means of support to consolidate the role of the private sector to become a key partner in supporting the national space strategy, thus enhancing the country’s position as the leading and most advanced center in the space sector in the region.

The project reflects the achievements of young Emirati entrepreneurs, and their projects that inspired many to turn into pioneers in the emerging and future economic sectors.

The project team includes a group of young national cadres specialized in advanced technology fields such as electrical and mechanical engineering, software, communication and electronics design, and they are Mohammed bin Ghalib.

Group Chairman, Omar Bin Ghaleb, Industries and Projects Officer, Hamad Bin Ghaleb, Electronics Engineer, Aisha Bin Ghaleb, Responsible for User Developed Systems, Matar Bin Ghaleb, Electronics Engineer, Sarah Bin Ghaleb, Ground Station Officer, and Alia Al Amrani Al Shamsi, Software Responsible.

The Ghaleb satellite aims to track wildlife to study the migration patterns of birds and animals in remote areas, and to conduct the necessary studies and research to ensure their reproduction, which is in line with the national strategies and plans launched by the state to preserve biodiversity, which always receives special attention in the UAE.

During the next phase, “Marshall Intek”, the Emirati company specialized in building satellites, will ensure the effectiveness of all basic systems and software and their ability to receive data, then save and transmit it.

During the last stage, the company has developed the main electronic devices and systems for the satellite, in addition to the transmitter for installation on the back of the birds that are being tracked, and the systems of the ground stations that receive data and work on analyzing it.

“Ghalib” has many unique and advanced characteristics that distinguish it from fixed satellites as it is a low-orbit satellite that revolves around the Earth in a polar orbit from the North Pole to the South Pole, which allows it to cover larger areas of the planet, in addition to low energy consumption unlike other satellites.

Far away that needs huge power when performing receiving and sending operationsThe team of Marshal Intek, a subsidiary of the Bin Ghalib Group of Companies, consists of a group of young national cadres specialized in the fields of advanced technology such as electrical and mechanical engineering, software, communication and electronics design.

The preparations of the Marshal Intek team began to launch the first satellite, Ghaleb, about four years ago, with the aim of providing an important addition to the country’s efforts in the research and development sector and designing space technology programs that enhance data collection and analysis, and contribute to accelerating the development and adoption of space technology.

In addition to contributing to the permanent tracking and preservation of wildlife in the EmiratesDuring the last stage, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government provided the necessary support to Marshall Intek, as the authority contributed to obtaining the necessary approvals with the United Nations Coordination Office for the use of communication frequencies, as well as coordinating with many countries to obtain approval for the use of frequencies within the scope of its territoryMarshal Inc.

, a subsidiary of the Bin Ghalib group of companies, is part of the continuous successes of the aerospace industry in the UAE, which is the most developed and fastest growing in the region in terms of investments and project size, as the country hosts more than 50 specialized companies, institutions and establishments.

In the space sector, including global companies and start-upsThe size of the UAE’s investments in the space industries sector is estimated at more than 22 billion dirhams

The launch of the first Emirati satellite to track wildlife
The launch of the first Emirati satellite to track wildlife

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