Panasonic launches heavy 2021 duty laptop

Panasonic launches heavy 2021 duty laptop
Panasonic launches heavy 2021 duty laptop

Panasonic Corporation announced the launch of the new Toughbook G2 heavy-duty tablet computerThe Japanese company explained that its new device withstands harsh environmental conditions and has protection against dust, dirt and water according to the protection class IP65, in addition to that it meets the requirements of the MIL-STD 810H specification.

The technical equipment package for the new tablet includes a 10 .

screen1 inch, with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, and a brightness of up to 1000 cd/m2 to be used easily under direct sunlight, and the user can use the screen with wet gloves, as well as using a special pen to enter dataPanasonic’s new Toughbook G2 laptop beats inside the new Panasonic tablet, Intel Core i5-10310U processor, up to 4 speeds4GHz, 6MB Cache, 16GB DDR4 RAM Standard Edition, Toughbook G2 32GB RAM OptionalAnd the Japanese company announced that the memory capacity of the NVMe-SSD is 512 GB and can optionally be upgraded to one terabyte, and the new tablet computer for heavy-duty uses supports Wi-Fi 6 technology, 4G modem, GPS technology and NFC technology, and can also be equipped with a card reader.

Memory and a second LAN port or FLIR infrared cameraThe new tablet comes in dimensions of 279 x 188 x 23.

5 mm and weighs less than 1 .

19 kg and boasts a USB 3 .

port1 With the Power Delivery function, and by relying on the separately available backlit keyboard, the new Toughbook G2 turns into a heavy-duty laptop, and the battery life extends to 12 hours depending on the battery modelPanasonic’s Profits Panasonic returned to profits in the last fiscal year for the first time in 3 years, as a result of the decline in the yen, the recovery of the global economy and cost-cutting measures, the company said yesterday.

The Japanese consumer electronics giant posted a net profit of 120.

4 billion yen, or 1.

18 billion dollars, for the current year through last March, after a net loss of 754.

3 billion yen a year ago.

The company reported an operating profit of 305.

1 billion yen for the year, up 89.

6% over the previous yearSales grew 5.

9 percent to 7.

74 trillion yenIn the January-March quarter, Panasonic posted a net loss of 122.

6 billion yen, compared to a net loss of 130.

4 billion yen in the same period last year

Panasonic launches heavy 2021 duty laptop
Panasonic launches heavy 2021 duty laptop

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