“Amazon” led by an “exceptional thinker” 2021 Andy Gacy in the “Bezos legacy” test

“Amazon” led by an “exceptional thinker”  2021  Andy Gacy in the “Bezos legacy” test
“Amazon” led by an “exceptional thinker” 2021 Andy Gacy in the “Bezos legacy” test

A new phase in the commerce giant “Amazon”, which began with Andy Gacy assuming its leadership, which faces many challenges during that phase.

Does it exceed it? At the age of 53, the new CEO of Amazon, Andy Gacy, who is Jeff Bezos’s right-hand man, is taking over a group he joined 24 years ago, three years after the birth of the startup that became one of the giant institutions in the global economy.

Fagassi, who received his MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School in 1997, joined Amazon on the start as Director of Marketing.

Gacy graduated from Harvard “on the first Friday of May 1997” to start working at “Amazon” on the “next Monday”, according to what he told via the “Disruptive Voice” podcast in September 2020Amazon was a startup in Seattle that Jeff Bezos founded three years ago in a garage.

When it went public on the stock exchange, which coincided with Gacy’s joining, it introduced itself as an “online bookstore.

“Today, the group has become a giant empire in the American and global economies, extending its activities from online commerce to cloud computing, through grocery stores, artificial intelligence and film production.

Soon, Gacy played a prominent role in the company in this diversification, and one of the most prominent achievements in this context was the establishment of “Amazon Web Services” in 2003, which is a branch of cloud computing services over the Internet.

Although it is less known than other general public, it is considered one of the most profitable sectors in the group that dominates this market globally, ahead of “Microsoft” and “Google”.

And Standard & Poor’s, a rating agency, indicated in a recent report on the American giant group that the process of transferring the Amazon management to Gacy was “well prepared”, which leads to the expectation that it will take place “smoothly”, given the new manager’s “strong experience”.

Within the companyAn honest student The rating agency also praised the replacement that succeeded Gacy as head of Amazon’s cloud services branch Adam Selipsky, who has “11 years of experience as an administrator” at Amazon Web Services.

And the American press noted that Andy Gacy, a father of two and a passion for music and cinema, was easier to reach than his predecessor, describing him as very attached to the details related to the cloud division of “Amazon”.

The value of “Amazon” on the stock exchange today reached 1770 billion dollars, thanks to the fantastic profits achieved by the cloud computing and online trading sectors, which witnessed a significant increase during the closures around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For assuming the top position in the group’s hierarchy, Gacy will receive a generous bonus of 61,000 shares over ten years, equivalent to more than $200 million based on Amazon’s share price at the close of trading Friday.

It is still too early to tell whether the large group will see a transformation under his leadership, but the man presents himself as a faithful disciple of his mentor Jeff Bezos, describing him in the podcast “The Disruptive Voice” as an “extraordinary thinker” and noting that he “has technical qualities coupled with empathy for consumer”However, like his predecessor, he will face a set of challenges, including the US authorities accusing the group of crushing competition, given that it sells its own products while at the same time setting the rules for other companies that sell their products through “Amazon”

“Amazon” led by an “exceptional thinker” 2021 Andy Gacy in the “Bezos legacy” test
“Amazon” led by an “exceptional thinker” 2021 Andy Gacy in the “Bezos legacy” test

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