Italy vs Spain Italy 11 Spain LIVE! Morata equaliser Euros match stream latest

Italy vs Spain Italy 11 Spain LIVE! Morata equaliser  Euros match stream latest
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Italy vs Spain prediction: How will Euro 2020 semi-final play out … Tue, 06 Jul 2021 09:00:00 +0100-Spain, on the other hand, took their time warming into the tournament, drawing their opening two group matches after a build-up that was disrupted by a positive …


Italy vs Spain: Euro 2020 – LIVE!

July 06, 2021


90+1 mins: There’ll be three added minutes…


89 mins: Is this the right time to point out that extra-time here does the winner of tomorrow’s semi-final – whoever they may be – a few favours?


85 mins: More Italian changes now. Locatelli and Belotti are on for Insigne and Barella.


83 mins: And suddenly all the momentum is with Spain. Donarrumma comes and gets nowhere near a corner and is thankful to see the ball drop wide of the far post.


See what happens when you shoot!

This is brilliant from Alvaro Morata, who drives at the Italian backline and plays a sharp one-two with Dani Olmo before coolly slotting past Donarrumma. No less than they deserve.


Oh Morata, hit it. Moreno steers a lovely pass in behind and there’s a shot at goal there for his fellow substitute but he takes one touch, then two, and the angle closes completely.


73 mins: Italian changes now. Pessina is on for Verratti in midfield, while Toloi replaces Emerson, so a bit more solidity at full-back.


70 mins: A couple more changes for Spain – Rodri replaces Koke in midfield while Oyarzabal is off and Moreno is on. The Villarreal man would’ve put that chance away I’d fancy. Then again, I probably would have as well.


68 mins: Well, there’s nothing defensive about this. Chiesa is causing havoc on the break again and he slots in Berardi with a delightful little reverse pass but the angle is against the substitute and Simon denied him with his feet.


67 mins: Spain are pushing, don’t you worry about that. Olmo runs onto one and tries to batter it home from the edge of the box but his strike is wide.

Are we going to see a classic Italian rearguard action here though?

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Italy 1-1 Spain LIVE! Morata equaliser – Euros match stream, latest … Tue, 06 Jul 2021 09:00:00 +0100-Winners will take on England or Denmark in Sunday's final at Wembley Stadium.


Italy vs Spain LIVE: Latest Euro 2020 updates

July 06, 2021


90 mins: There’s going to be four minutes of added time to play. Chiellini stops Olmo from driving into the box and handles the ball as he drops to the ground. There’s a penalty shout but nothing comes of it.

Michael Jones6 July 2021 21:48

86 mins: Less than five minutes to play now. Can someone find a winner or are we heading into extra time. Spain have the momentum, and they have a free kick as Jorginho hacks down Pedri.

Michael Jones6 July 2021 21:44

83 mins: Moreno and Morata have given Spain an extra level. Moreno knocks the ball through the lines as Morata makes a run off the shoulder of Chiellini. He picks up the ball on the right side of the box before cutting it back to Moreno. He shoots but whacks the effort over the crossbar.

Michael Jones6 July 2021 21:42

80 mins: Spain are level! What a goal this is. Laporte threads the ball up through midfield and finds Morata, he gives it to Olmo and sprints into the box. Olmo splits the Italian defence and Morata slots it home wonderfully. Massive 10 minutes coming up now.

Michael Jones6 July 2021 21:38

79 mins: Spain lose the ball deep in their own half. The ball is squared to Berardi who checks onto his left and belts it at goal. Donnarumma dives to his right and stops it.

Michael Jones6 July 2021 21:37

76 mins: Gerard Moreno threads a lovely ball through the lines and plays Alvaro Morata into the right side of the box. He tries to get around Bonucci but is forced towards the byline. His attempted ball into the middle is blocked and Spain win a corner.

Michael Jones6 July 2021 21:34

73 mins: Marco Verratti is replaced with Matteo Pessina. Italy are up to their old tricks, Verratti takes an age to walk off the pitch. Emerson also goes off with Rafael Toloi on in his place.

Michael Jones6 July 2021 21:31

70 mins: Oyarzabal and Koke are off for Spain. Gerard Moreno and Rodri replace them. 20 minutes to go in the first semi-final of Euro 2020. Can Italy hold on to their lead or will Spain find an equaliser?

Michael Jones6 July 2021 21:27

68 mins: Italy are in again. Spain are chasing the game and leaving gaps whenthey press high meaning Italy are finding more joy on the counter-attack. The ball comes up to Chiesa who is marshalled to the right side of the penalty area. He slips the ball into the box as Berardi bombs in from the right. He shoots but Simon has the near post covered and blocks the ball with his body.

Michael Jones6 July 2021 21:26

65 mins: This was a great chance to get back into the match straight away. Koke has the ball on the edge of Italy’s box. He spies Oyarzabal’s run from the right and loops the ball over the defenders. Oyarzabal is free on goal but misses the header. The ball skims the top of his head and goes wide of the back post.

Michael Jones6 July 2021 21:23

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– July 6, 2021
Italy vs Spain Italy 11 Spain LIVE! Morata equaliser Euros match stream latest
spain vs italy, italy spain, Italy v Spain, Italy, spain italy, spain v italy, Roberto Mancini, Luis Enrique

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