This is how you protect your accounts from electronic hacking

This is how you protect your accounts from electronic hacking
This is how you protect your accounts from electronic hacking

With the spread of electronic hacking attacks, data encryption, ransom demand or data leakage, the user’s need to secure his accounts on the Internet increases, and here the importance of some insurance methods such as password managers, login services and identity platforms, which differ greatly between them, and therefore the user must choose what suits himGettr .

appAll you need to know about Trump’s new social media platform Password Manager: Password managers are applications that suggest secure passwords and are stored in encrypted form.

The great advantage of such programs is that the user does not have to remember Lots of complicated passwords, and he can even use an individual password for each online service or account”The user only has to remember the password to access the password manager, which is known as the master password,” explained Rebecca Weiss, a security expert at the German Association for Communications and Information Technology Bitkom.

Password software increases the level of security on the Internet, but it is required that the user choose a strong and complex master password كلمةWays to protect accounts from electronic hacking Single sign-on: Sign-on services, often known as Single Sign-on and otherwise known as SSO services, may seem like password manager programs at first glance, but the German expert pointed out that there are fundamental differences Between them, the SSO service is almost a one-time registration, and the user does not have to re-login to other services, similar to what happens when registering with Apple, Google and Microsoft accounts.

And if the user wishes not to log into US corporate accounts, there are alternatives to SSO services, which appear in the form of login alliances such as netID, ID4me or Keyp, and of course the practical advantages of these services are related to the number of services involved with them.

Identity platforms: Identity platforms work differently from password managers and single sign-on services, which do not care about the identity of the user, while the primary task of identity platforms is to identify the user.

Christian Volbert of c’t magazine explained: These services verify the identity of the user.

But there are differences between the different companies providing the service; Verimi, for example, provides the usual SSO service, but the user can also identify himself by video identification method or by electronic identification card”Another possibility is the transmission of identity data through a partner,” Christian Volbert added.

Using the Verimi account for protection The German expert added that the advantage of this method appears in the possibility of continuing to use the Verimi account when opening a new bank account; The user will not have to perform complex identity verification, but can identify himself via Verimi accountAnother identity platform is Yes, which does not store any data, unlike Verimi.

Christian Volbert added: “Yes is a kind of interface, through which the identity data of the bank can be reused, given that when opening an account Banker The identity of the user is already verified by the bank”The Yes platform relies on this procedure for registration and identity verification in other services and companiesElectronic identity card: The electronic identity card is another possibility to verify identity on the Internet, and the process of identity verification here is done differently, and Christian Volbert explained this by saying: “The identity card data is not stored here on the server, but it is with the user.

“Identity verification services are still in the development stage, and so far the user cannot use digital identity verification, and there is no comprehensive technical standard that covers all the functions of companies providing such services, but the German expert expects an increase in the number of companies providing identity verification services in the future

This is how you protect your accounts from electronic hacking
This is how you protect your accounts from electronic hacking

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