US President cancels Trump’s ban on Tik Tok and WeChat

US President cancels Trump's ban on Tik Tok and WeChat
US President cancels Trump’s ban on Tik Tok and WeChat

US President Joe Biden has rescinded the ban imposed under former President Donald Trump on China-owned apps TikTok and WeChat.

Biden directed Commerce Secretary Gina Raimundo in an executive order to evaluate apps and block apps that pose a security risk.

The order replaces the decisions of former President Donald Trump, which were specifically targeting Chinese companies, including ByteDance, which owns Tik Tok and Tencent Holdings, which owns WeChat, and Trump’s decisions tried to ban the use of these applications in the United States.

The White House announced that President Joe Biden, on Wednesday, rescinded executive orders issued by his predecessor, Donald Trump, to ban the Chinese-owned mobile phone applications “Tik Tok” and “WeChat” due to national security concerns.

The White House statement said that instead of banning these two popular apps, the Biden administration would implement a “criteria-based framework and rigorous evidence-based analysis to address risks” from foreign-controlled Internet applications.

Trump had confirmed that the two Chinese-owned apps posed security risks and tried to force the sale of TikTok to American investors.

The Trump administration’s decision led to a series of legal cases that delayed the ban or forced sale of the two applications, which increased the level of tension between Washington and Beijing.

There has been no immediate comment from the two companies so farIn his executive order, Biden referred to an “ongoing state of emergency” to counter “the ongoing efforts of foreign adversaries to steal or obtain personal data from the United States.

“The resolution also sought to identify any “connected software applications that may pose an unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States and the American people,” including “applications owned, controlled, and operated by persons supporting hostile foreign military or intelligence activities.

“It is believed that the Tik Tok application, owned by the Chinese company, “ByteDance”, has about one billion users in the world, including more than 100 million in the United States.

As for WeChat, which is affiliated with the giant Chinese technology company “Tencent”, it includes social networks, messaging, tools for e-commerce and others, and it is one of the popular applications in the world.

Biden’s decision came a day after the US Senate approved a comprehensive industrial policy bill aimed at countering the growing economic threat from China, as well as pumping more than $170 billion into research and development

US President cancels Trump’s ban on Tik Tok and WeChat
US President cancels Trump’s ban on Tik Tok and WeChat

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