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“Cairo Book” defies Corona and is decorated with young publicationsإصدار

“Cairo Book” defies Corona and is decorated with young publicationsإصدار
“Cairo Book” defies Corona and is decorated with young publicationsإصدار

With the participation of more than 700 Egyptian and foreign publishers, the Cairo International Book Fair will start from June 30 to July 15, 2021The 52nd session of the Cairo International Book Fair will be held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in the Fifth Settlement in Cairo, and bears the slogan “In reading is life.

” During the fair, an initiative (Your Culture is Your Book) will be launched, and it will include hundreds of titles from publishing houses and ministry sectors, provided that the price of the book in it does not exceed twenty.

poundIn addition to the virtual activities that will be implemented through the electronic platform of the exhibitionDr.

Haitham El-Hajj Ali, head of the Egyptian General Book Authority, announced that the number of publishing houses exceeded 700 Egyptian and foreign publishers, in addition to agencies, and stressed the use of modern technology to control the number of visitors daily in accordance with health standards and the prescribed absorptive capacity, in addition to taking precautionary measures such as temperature measurement, sterilization and wearing.

Face mask and maintain social distancingOn the sidelines of participation in the exhibition, Mujam Publishing and Distribution House announced the cover of its latest book publications entitled “Egypt’s Kitchen” and the short story collection “Some of What I Saw” by writer Moataz Nadi, among the publications of the house scheduled to be presented during the next session.

In his book “Egypt’s Kitchen”, Moataz Nadi monitors the biography of food in the lives of Egyptians and their most prominent stories with him, as well as his connection to their political and social reality and the events that the writer lived through during his participation in the idea of ​​”The President’s Resolve”, which was the title of a daily chapter during the month of Ramadan published in the newspaper “” Al-Masry Al-Youm” years agoAs for “Some of What I Saw,” Moataz Nadi narrates his stories that mix tragedy and comedy, from the confusion of a wife to humor on a travel road and the absence of lights from an artist who threw his bricks.

The scenes change with events and characters whose conditions vary according to what she is going through in her life.

Moataz Nadi says: “Egypt’s Kitchen book will not present food recipes to you.

The electronic forums, channels, radio stations, and social media platforms are full of delicious and savory foods, whether sweet or savory, and Egypt’s kitchen is not a history of facts, but rather records the thoughts, reflections and scenes that live with us in Our life and food are the hero of its events, and some of them are derived from what I experienced, from food you can know a person’s tendencies, interests, habits and even diseases that haunt his lifeMoataz Nadi, Egyptian journalist, born in 1990, graduated from the Faculty of Media, Cairo University, and published a book “Tales of Faces with History” by Dar Al-Masry for Publishing and Distribution, and he has a winning blog published in the book “Arab Youth and Covid-19” entitled “The Best Teacher”.

Issued by the Arab Youth Center last May at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

“Cairo Book” defies Corona and is decorated with young publicationsإصدار
“Cairo Book” defies Corona and is decorated with young publicationsإصدار

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