How did news sites and sovereign on the Internet?

How did news sites and sovereign on the Internet?
How did news sites and sovereign on the Internet?

Suddenly, dozens of websites were disrupted on the Internet, including media networks, in a crisis that the Internet has not witnessed for more than 10 years.

While there was no official comment explaining the cause of the crisisWhile international media, including the BBC, reported that the company providing cloud services is called “Fastly”.

The company said that the defect causing the internet sites to malfunction had been identified, and added in a brief statement that it was being resolvedAmong the companies that users were unable to access were “The New York Times, CNN, the British government website, Twitch, and hundreds of other sites active globally.

“And websites such as (CNN) published, on Tuesday, that the site is not working properly, due to a disruption caused by a defect faced by one of the companies providing cloud computing services, which the American network contracts with.

Also, it was not possible to access the official website of the British government on Tuesday morning, at a time when many international media platforms were exposed to malfunctions, including the Guardian and Financial Times newspapers.

And messages indicating a malfunction appeared on the official website of the government and the websites of the two newspapersAlso, temporarily unable to access my siteBC before returning to serviceNotable Websites That Have Broken: The New York Times Bloomberg Financial Times The Guardian UK Government Websites Amazon Red Twitch Hang On In 1995, only less than one percent of the world’s population, most of them from the West, used the Internet out of curiosity.

Recently, many people have become so attached to the Internet that they cannot imagine dispensing with it even for a few hoursBut what will happen if the Internet is really down, the effect may be contrary to your expectationsBut in light of our constant dependence on the Internet in all aspects of our lives, this question has become more urgent now: What would happen if the Internet stopped for one day? It turns out that the impact of the internet outage is not what you expectTwenty years later, and to this day, more than three and a half billion people, nearly half of the world’s population, use the Internet, and the number of its users is increasing at a rate of about ten people every second.

According to the Pew Research Center, a fifth of Americans say they use the Internet “almost without interruption”, while 73 percent say they use it at least daily.

But theoretically, the Internet may be cut off for a period of time, whether in a specific country or globally, as happened today for some news sites; It is not excluded that cybercriminals release malicious software that targets vulnerabilities in information routers on the network, to completely paralyze the InternetShutting down the servers that store domain names can also cause serious problems, such as preventing websites from loadingAnd cutting the cables in the deep sea that transmit huge amounts of messages and data between continents could cause serious problems, because this would completely separate one part of the world from the other.

Some governments may issue orders to block the internet from the entire country, as happened in Egypt during the Arab Spring in 2011, to make it difficult for protesters to coordinate among themselves to organize marches

How did news sites and sovereign on the Internet?
How did news sites and sovereign on the Internet?

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