Apple launches the sixth generation of Apple TV

Apple launches the sixth generation of Apple TV
Apple launches the sixth generation of Apple TV

Apple has launched the sixth generation of Apple TV, which can be used as a streaming device, games, access to Apple services and control of smart home equipment.

The user can easily set up the new Apple TV, and all it takes is to take the device out of the packaging, connect it to the mains, and connect the HDMI cable to the TVIn the case of the availability of the Apple iPhone, the settings can be made in a few steps, and there have been no changes to the use and display method, and for beginners they can rely on the menu with large sectionsFor owners of old TVs, the new broadcast device is similar to the process of switching to a new device, and the old device menu can no longer be used with popular broadcast applications, media libraries for TV channels, games and other applicationsThe new generation of Apple TV is full of new innovations that the user cannot see, but he will definitely feel; The new streaming device works with the A12-Bionic processor used in the iPhone XS smartphone, which significantly speeds up the pace of Apple TV work compared to previous models, in addition to relying on the HDMI 2 standard.

1 and Wi-Fi 6The Siri Remote is the most prominent new function in the new Apple TV, and the remote control is made entirely of recycled aluminum, and comes with sharp edges, rounded shapes and a keyboard arranged in a more logical way, and the confusion has disappeared when the menu button or the TV button is pressed.

The remote control currently includes only the “TV” button, however, the user notices a loud sound when pressing the buttons on the new Siri Remote.

The Siri voice assistant button has moved to the right side of the remote control, and the right-handed user can use this button with the thumb, while the left-handed user can use the Siri button with the index finger.

Among the new functions is also the presence of the on/off button, so the user can take the TV out of the sleep state or turn it off using the remote control, and if the user is limited to using the Apple TV, he will need only one remote controlThe user can perform scanning movements and click on the remote control to move between icons or scroll through movies, and the process of using through scanning movements requires some training, and the operating loop of the remote control provides a practical function while playing movies, through a clockwise scanning movement the movie can be presented And the rewinding process is done through a scanning movement in the opposite direction, and this method is similar to the principle of using the old iPod music player or Jog-Dial buttons in video recordersWith the new technical equipment, the new Apple TV, equipped with an A12 processor and HDMI 2 .

standard, can1, Handle HDR video content with high image refresh rate with Dolby Vision support, which means that compatible TVs can play high-contrast and color-range video image up to 60 frames per second at a 60Hz image refresh rate.

These advanced functions are not limited to Watching movies only, sports events on OLED or LCD TVs can be watched smoothlyAnd since video contents in Ultra High Definition 4K and HDR technology and an image activation rate of 60 Hz are still rare, some companies have started broadcasting these contents only, such as some American sports channels, and if the Apple iPhone is available, the user can broadcast videos, which were filmed at a rate Activate 60Hz picture on Apple TV with Apple AirplayA new function on Apple TV is color matching; Where the user can align the image displayed on the TV connected to the broadcasting device via the iPhone smartphone and its light sensors and camerasThis function can be found in Settings and is called White Balance.

This function is available for the previous model and for Apple TV HD with an OS update to tvOS 14KhThe new Apple TV features smoother gaming than the previous model equipped with the A10X processor, even 3D games like Wonderbox, Sonic Racing and Redout: Space Assault.

Apple TV maintains connectivity with your iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet, and other Apple devices; The Arcade game service works on almost all Apple devicesUsually smart home owners need to have what is known as a bridge, in order to connect the smart home equipment in the home network, and for a long time Apple TV has been used as a control center for network devices through Apple Homekit technology; Where the bulbs, cameras and switches are controlled by Apple TV, the new generation of Apple TV is based on the Thread wireless standardBy purifying this wireless connection, the new Apple TV can be used, similar to the Homepod Mini, as the single control center for smart home equipment; Where devices equipped with the Thread standard can be directly integrated and controlled through the Apple Siri voice assistant, for example, the Thread wireless standard is currently relied on as a unified control standard in many devices from various international companiesThe new Apple TV 4K works faster than the previous model with the availability of some new technical innovations with a greatly improved remote control, and owners of previous models can take advantage of these functions with the update of the operating system to the new tvOS versionAnd the benefit of buying the new Apple TV appears when the user wants to watch 4K-HDR contents at an image activation rate of 60Hz or connect smart home equipment via the Thread wireless standard, and the remote control can be purchased individually; It works with earlier models Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD

Apple launches the sixth generation of Apple TV
Apple launches the sixth generation of Apple TV

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