Scroll announces its next move

Scroll announces its next move
Scroll announces its next move

Scroll revealed its next step, after the Twitter acquisition, which is to work in the strictest confidence on tests before the final merger.

In order to enhance the subscription feature that Twitter intends to launch soon, the American company has acquired the “Scroll” application, which is designed to read news without ads, according to Al Ain.

Indeed, 13 programmers at Scroll joined the Twitter team to provide high-quality news services without ads within the new Twitter subscriptions serviceThis is Twitter’s second acquisition this year only, after it had also bought the news agency Revue earlier.

“Scroll” is an application that works on all different operating systems, whether for smartphones such as Android and IOS, or on Windows, Mac and others devices.

It is an application that provides news services without ads from well-known publishing organizations, such as: Insider, BuzzFeed, and USA Today, And all without adsAnd according to Scroll, it provides an opportunity for publishers and its workers to make more money than they might get through selling ads.

In the short term, Scroll will temporarily freeze new customer subscriptions until it can integrate its news platform with Twitter.

The service will go into a private beta while being integrated into Twitter’s subscription offers later this yearIn the long term, Twitter states that Scroll will become an important addition to increase the results of its subscriptionsIts users who subscribe to Scroll will be able to read articles without ads from the hundreds of publishers who work with Scroll.

These steps are part of her new focus on diversifying content and adding feature-length news articles to be available to all Twitter users, and her commitment to helping publishers succeed.

Unlike some of its tech competitors, Twitter has never entered into public disagreements with media companies over distribution terms.

Despite all these details, however, the financial transactions and agreements related to this deal have not been announced yet.

But Twitter will have the entire Scroll team, that is, with a pool of 13 peopleFor Twitter, this service will become central to its new subscription feature”Imagine having access to advanced features or being easily able to read your favorite newspaper or newsletter, knowing that part of your subscription will go towards financing publications and writers,” said Mike Park.

The US startup Scroll confirmed the deal, and apologized to users for having to secretly work on tests before the final merger.

Twitter is struggling to find ways to generate revenue without compromising the smooth use of its messaging platformThe American group published lower-than-expected results last weekThe number of daily users who would generate revenue for the network who saw at least one ad on a given day reached 199 million in the first quarter, which is one million fewer subscribers than analysts’ expectations.

The network is also facing difficulty in expanding its main audience of celebrities, journalists, and political leaders, with the need to continue to increase investments to combat disinformation and the problematic contents to maintain as much as possible the integrity of political discussions and talks

Scroll announces its next move
Scroll announces its next move

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