What are the causes of your phone’s temperature and how to avoid it?

What are the causes of your phone's temperature and how to avoid it?
What are the causes of your phone’s temperature and how to avoid it?

The most prominent problems facing users in the current period are the high temperature of the phone, as a result of the continuous development and increase of the capabilities of the phone, and the temperature is the tax that the user pays for this development, the high temperature represents a real danger and may lead to a state of complete combustion and injuring people with great harmThe overheating of the phone has several causes and sometimes it happens suddenly, when we search for these reasons, we find that most of them are the result of bad or excessive use, such as running an application or tool that consumes a lot of resources and makes the processor work at its maximum capacity (such as playing video) as well as Due to heavy use while charging the phone and othersAlthough modern operating systems are equipped with some tools that show you an alert message when you run something in excess, but sometimes ignoring these messages or other problems may exacerbate the heat problem, especially since some experts suggested that one of the causes of heat is also the occurrence of Malfunctions in the phone components that lead to an increase in power consumption or an increase in the operation of the processor, and with the existing batteries of large capacity, the issue of overheating of the phone becomes an imminent dangerThere are many reasons that cause the phone to overheat, but we will review the most prominent reasons that lead to this, and how to protect your phone from it: 1- Operating the camera to its fullest capabilities, some users, especially those who have high-camera phones such as the Sony Xperia Z5, were surprised when taking a lot of pictures or recording Video for a long period of time due to the high temperature in the phone and the emergence of alert messagesMost modern phones are equipped with upgraded covers to protect them from damage as a result of exposure to the sun, but one of the worst disadvantages of this idea is that with operating the camera at high settings and operating the camera for more than 20 minutes, this results in a sudden overheating of the phone, and the phone may shut itself off as a result.

Operating the camera at high quality also puts pressure on the processor, and also makes it consume a lot of energy, and this results in high temperatures.

2- The presence of viruses on your phone: What many do not know is that the presence of viruses leads to a huge increase in the operation of the phone in excess as a result of operations carried out by the virus, so surely the one who developed the virus does not mean the safety of your phone as much as he is interested in obtaining the data he wants.

Smartphone viruses are generally limited, unlike computers, for example, and the most important rule to protect the phone from viruses is not to download any applications from unknown sources, as well as not to download any suspicious files.

3- Phone covers and cases: Covers, cases or covers that are used to protect the phone from shocks or scratches.

They are usually made of leather, plastic, rubber and silicone.

A place that is poorly ventilated or that the phone is made of plastic (like some current phones)Some users may oppose the idea of ​​canceling the cover or disbelief, and this may be acceptable, but provided that the phone is ventilated from time to time, and the cover is removed when operating for long periods4- Battery and phone charger It is always necessary to check the charging cable and battery from time to time, old phones usually cannot be charged at 100%, it is known that the battery has a life span that gradually decreases with the passage of time, and it is often between 80 – 90%, so if The charger was left in the phone for a longer period than necessary, as this does not charge the battery, but rather overcharges, generating great heatTherefore, the person must check the charging process from time to time, and if high temperature appears, the efficiency of the charger must be checked as well as the efficiency of the battery and replaced if it is damaged5- Running Wi-Fi for a long time When connecting the phone to the Internet via Wi-Fi, the phone consumes a lot of energy usually, as a result of the huge operation that accompanies it.

Having apps running in the background, which causes the phone to overheatThere is an application called Greenify that puts applications that are running in the background in hibernation mode, so that it saves a large amount of phone resources and also contributes to reducing the heat caused by the large amount of operationHow does the temperature lead to the burning of the phone There are some few cases in the past years that resulted in the phone burning due to excessive heat, reaching the degree of burning requires energy and a temperature that may exceed 70 degrees, but the components of the phone may lead to this, especially the batteries that are usually Made of lithium or polymer, the excessive heat may also lead to the explosion of the parts inside and may result in cases of burns, so the user must be careful about the issue of the phone temperature

What are the causes of your phone’s temperature and how to avoid it?
What are the causes of your phone’s temperature and how to avoid it?

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