Steps for Encoding Zoom Meetings 2021 I know the method

Steps for Encoding Zoom Meetings 2021 I know the method

If you’ve been using Zoom meetings to conduct business during the pandemic period, the experts give you a clever trick for coding.

Get to know it and with the application of precautionary measures to confront the outbreak of the Corona virus, the use of video conferencing applications such as “Zoom” became popular in that periodAccording to the specialized scientific site, “Popular Science”, cybersecurity experts advise that you should convert your video meetings into an “end-to-end” encryption system to ensure privacy and security over the Internet.

The site published a report on adding the “Zoom” application to the encrypted “end-to-end” visual meeting feature that does not allow any third party to see the nature of those meetings or breach their privacy.

Why encryption? Experts assert that the “encryption” option is no longer a complementary matter, but rather an enforceable matter.

Encrypted communications alone are a combination of incomprehensible characters that require a key to translate this tampering into clear text messages, audio clips, or video calls.

Through this method, any intruders, espionage, hacking or hackers can be prevented from eavesdropping on daily meetings, whether for work or personal life.

The secret of Zoom, but the secret in the Zoom application is that it has an end-to-end encryption system is not automatic, and a person has to activate it on the application”The new protocol for encryption was a technical preview, so it’s not by default on the app,” said Matt Crohn, head of security engineering at Zoom.

But although his statements are unclear, “Zoom” offers a strong encryption system on 4 layers, which makes it very good to use.

Perhaps what the Zoom official did not mention or make encrypted video calls the default on Zoom, it will make you lose a number of other features of the application, which, for example: the ability to join video calls by the host, cloud recording for video calls, live broadcast, live transcription, private chats, amid video meetings, private responses For this purpose, Zoom said that it recommends its users to activate the encryption option only for sensitive communications or meetings, which require additional layers of protection and cybersecurity.

Enabling encryption on Zoom Enabling the Encryption option on the Zoom app for video calls is done as follows: Log in to the Zoom website, then click on Settings Select a meeting icon, and go to the Security option Scroll down to turn on the switch, next to Allow end-to-end encryption to be used Select the circle next to end-to-end encryption.

The application will ask to verify your account with a valid phone number.

After that, when you open the application, you will find in the upper left corner of the screen when you host or receive a “green shield” meeting with a lock, as evidence of activating the encryption

Steps for Encoding Zoom Meetings 2021 I know the method
Steps for Encoding Zoom Meetings 2021 I know the method