Aaron Sorkin Paulina Porizkova go red carpet official with their

Aaron Sorkin Paulina Porizkova go red carpet official with their

Aaron Sorkin Aaron Sorkin Porizkova official … carpet go red , their Paulina with

Mon, 26 Apr 2021 00:00:00 -0700

Sorkin, 59, and Porizkova, 56, cozied up – Porizkova in a gold cowl-neck gown; Sorkin in a classic black tux – outside the 2021 Academy Awards on Sunday, 

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and supermodel Paulina Porizkova went red carpet official on Hollywood’s biggest night. 

Sorkin, 59, and Porizkova, 56, cozied up – Porizkova in a gold cowl-neck gown; Sorkin in a classic black tux – outside the 2021 Academy Awards on Sunday, confirming rumors that swirled last week about the two becoming an item. 

Porizkova attended the Oscars as a guest of Sorkin’s, whose script for “The Trial of the Chicago 7” was nominated for best original screenplay. Attendees were limited this year due to the pandemic: only nominees, their guests and presenters were invited, several rounds of COVID-19 tests were required and producers treated the “event as an active movie set.” 

USA TODAY has reached out to Sorkin’s and Porizkova’s representatives for further comment. 

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Sorkin and ex-wife Julia Bingham were married from 1996 to 2005. They share one daughter, 20-year-old Roxy Sorkin. 

Porizkova was married for almost 30 years to late Cars frontman Ric Ocasek, before the two separated in 2018, more than a year before Ocasek was found dead at home at age 75. They met when she starred in his band’s 1984 video “Drive” and had two sons together: Jonathan and Oliver, both in their 20s. 

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Porizkova opened up in an op-ed for Yahoo! earlier this month about being single for the first time since she was a teenager – she was just 19 when she and Ocasek began dating. She wrote she was still figuring out what she wants in a partner but knows she’s “attracted to talent” and wants someone who “likes me for who I am.” 

“I don’t think I would rule out getting married again because in spite of it all, I’m a totally hopeless romantic and I believe in love,” Porizkova added. “And I believe in finding that one person out there that is right for me and that I’m right for and spending the rest of my life with them.”

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Aaron Sorkin

Mon, 26 Apr 2021 00:00:00 -0700

After the death of rocker Ric Ocasek, the former supermodel has found love again with famed screenwriter and director



It’s official: Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova and Aaron Sorkin are dating, showing that she has perhaps recovered from the heartbreak of losing her longtime husband Ric Ocasek in 2019.

Hollywood’s new hot couple made their debut by walking the red carpet together at Sunday’s Academy Awards. And by Hollywood standards, the two are astonishingly age appropriate: 56-year-old Porizkova is only three years younger than Sorkin.

For their debut, Sorkin, in a tux, and Porizkova, in a glimmering gold dress, offered some PDA by cuddling a bit for the cameras before heading into the ceremony, where Sorkin’s film “The Trial of the Chicago 7” was nominated for six awards.

Alas, Sorkin himself lost out on the award for original screenplay to “Promising Young Woman” writer Emerald Fennell. But the Oscar-winning writer of “The Social Network” and creator of TV’s classic “The West Wing” didn’t seem to mind too much, with the Czech-born beauty by his side.

Page Six first reported Friday that Sorkin and Porizkova had been dating for several months, while she had recently been dropping hints that she has a new man in her life, Yahoo News reported.

Before that, Porizkova had only ever been linked to Ocasek. She and the Cars lead singer met in 1984 when she was 19. The two married when she was 24 and he was 45 and had two sons together, Jonathan, 27, and Oliver, 22.

They amicably separated in 2017, but Ocasek died suddenly in September 2019 before they officially divorced.

Porizkova was stunned to learn that the thrice-married Ocasek had cut her out of his will, Page Six reported. With no prenup in place, she recently revealed that she was so cash-poor after the rocker’s death that she was forced to rely on friends to buy groceries, Page Six added.

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But Sorkin may have what it takes to fill the huge void left by such a loss. Earlier this month, Porizkova shared what she was looking for in a man, and Sorkin may fit the bill. Sorkin, incidentally, was married once before and has one daughter.

“What I don’t want is a man who doesn’t hear me — who treats me as a beautiful and worthy object rather than for who I am,” she told Yahoo News.

Porizkova also revealed what she finds sexy in a man: “Some women are attracted to really good-looking guys or powerful guys or rich guys; I’ve always been attracted to talent. Talent to me is really sexy.”

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– April 26, 2021