Apple launches the new iPad Pro

Apple launches the new iPad Pro

Apple (the US technology giant) launched, on Tuesday, the new model of its IPad Pro, and it can be ordered starting from April 30th.

This came during an event called Spring Loaded, organized by Apple to announce several products that were in line with the predictions and speculations that have spread recently.

The most prominent features of the all-new iPad Pro: The new device is distinctive and unique.

Apple’s development team has worked hard to release a device with a powerful processor and capabilities that make it a strong competitor to computers (laptop).

Apple has put in it the M1 chip dedicated to powerful computers.

The device works with an eight-core CPU and delivers 50% improved performance over the previous generation, and 40% faster graphics.

The screen of the ProMotion device that we heard will be available on future iPhones, there are 4 built-in speakers, and it also supports the latest game controllers.

Apple says that this iPad Pro is the fastest of its kind by a large difference, the storage capacity is 2 terabytes and it connects to the Internet at a much higher speed as it supports the fifth generation G5.

The device provides many features such as a LiDAR scanner, supports Face ID, and has a 12-megapixel selfie camera.

IPad Pro is available in two sizes 11 and 12.

9 inches, at a cost of $ 799 for the small size and $ 1099 for the large size, and can be ordered from April 30, and is available in stores during the second half of next May.

Apple announced the provision of a white Magic Keyboard that can be used with the device, and announced the Apple Pencil Scribble, which supports 5 additional languages

Apple launches the new iPad Pro
Apple launches the new iPad Pro