How to stop auto switching on Apple AirPods?

How to stop auto switching on Apple AirPods?

Apple recently released an update to its AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, and some Beats headphones.

The update allows these headphones to automatically switch between Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac computers depending on the device you want to listen to.

Where Apple wants to provide this feature to facilitate the use of wireless headphones with different Apple devices without the need to pair them every time, except that it may be very annoying, for example: If you use AirPods with an iPhone, then a family member in The room itself plays a video clip on its iPad tablet, your earbuds will automatically connect to the iPad tablet and start hearing the video audio instead of the content from your phone.

Make sure that the AirPods or AirPods Pro are connected to your iPhone, then follow these steps: Open the (Settings) application on your iPhone.

Click on the option (Bluetooth) Bluetooth.

In the list of devices connected to your phone, press the button (i) next to the name of your AirPods.

On the next screen, press the option (Connect to This iPhone).

On the next screen, select the option (When last connected to this iPhone) When Last Connected to This iPhone.

With this option selected, the wireless headphones will automatically connect to the last device it was connected to, meaning if you use the headphones with an iPhone last time, and then you turn it off and restart it later, the wireless headphones will search for your iPhone Just as the last device I called previously.

It is reported that Apple has a feature called (Find My AirPods) that allows you to find wireless earbuds (AirPods), (AirPods Pro) or lost wireless headphones (AirPods Max) using the (Find My) application in the phone.

An iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer, according to the technology portal

How to stop auto switching on Apple AirPods?
How to stop auto switching on Apple AirPods?