One click of a button on the iPhone raises terror inside Facebook and Google 2021 I know the details

One click of a button on the iPhone raises terror inside Facebook and Google 2021 I know the details

As of Monday, iPhone users can choose between accepting or rejecting their tracking, thanks to the Apple update.

It is expected that this action by Apple will have dire consequences for the advertising system that governs “Facebook” and “Google”Two models are competing in Silicon Valley, as the electronics giant sells its smartphones, tablets and computers at high prices, while its neighbors offer free services, tacitly in exchange for internet user data that is used to send them ultra-targeted ads on a very large scale.

Civil society (including associations, academics and others) has been criticizing this dominant economic model, which laws (in Europe and California) and lesser-known companies seek to put an end to.

But Apple, which has about a billion smartphones in use in the world, has the ability to change habitsSince September, publishers of applications that run according to the “Apple” operating system “iOS” have been able to ask users of their applications for permission to track their browsing movement of various websites and applications, in order to collect and use their data.

But with the release of version 145 this week from iOS, this feature known as ATT (Application Tracking Transparency) became mandatory.

In practice, an approval window is displayed when opening each applicationIf the user clicks “No” or if, for any reason, the window does not appear, the application loses access to the user’s advertising ID, which is its own number that can be tracked online.

“The entire app economy, even digital advertising, will be turned upside down because of this privacy policy,” independent analyst Eric Sofert said in a blog post.

He noted that it “radically changes the way mobile ads are metered and targeted, which are currently based on what Apple calls tracking.

“Many platforms and applications fear that consumers will decide to refuse in light of their availability, and this angered “Facebook”The giant social media network embarked on a marketing attack in defense of targeted advertisements, and it published full pages for this purpose in American newspapers, and testimonies from small traders on a dedicated site, and its founder Mark Zuckerberg made scathing statementsZuckerberg said at the end of last January during a conference of analysts about the group’s annual results ($ 29 billion net profit in 2020) that “Apple is behaving in a way that is abusive to competition.

“”Many SMEs will no longer be able to target their customers with personalized adsApple could say it does this to help people, but it clearly serves its interests.

”Even if users refuse the tracking, the ads will still be personalized.

Instagram will continue to derive users ’preferences and preferences based on their browsing the application, and will continue to display advertisements for cat food to the hobbyists of these animals.

The apps will also use live data, such as age or locationBut it probably will not be able to exchange it with third parties”We give users a choice, choice,” Apple President Tim Cook said in an interview in early April in an interview with the New York Times podcast.

He added, “If you were going to design an operating system today from the ground up, you would do it this way, and this is clear.

“”From a consumer point of view, Apple is right, we need more transparency,” said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies.

But she said, “It is hypocritical for Apple to say to consumers + privacy is important, you are not our product +, there is no doubt about that, given that their business model does not depend on ads.

“Brands pay more for carefully targeted and personalized ads, which generate more money on websites and apps that monetize with ad space that is contextual (like hotel ads next to travel articles)From here, the “Facebook” network fears that its revenues will be affected, and in early February, it announced that it would display its private information to users, along with the iPhone maker information, in the approval window.

Free app developers, from video games to office applications, will have to adapt if they do not want to lose access to the lucrative market of iPhone and iPad users.

“They are generally more affordable than regular consumers, which makes them more profitable targets,” Carolina Milanesi said

One click of a button on the iPhone raises terror inside Facebook and Google 2021 I know the details
One click of a button on the iPhone raises terror inside Facebook and Google 2021 I know the details