Through the New Spaces feature 2021 Twitter launches a series of audio conversations

Through the New Spaces feature 2021 Twitter launches a series of audio conversations

Twitter tracked more than 10 million tweets about Ramadan in the 30 days leading up to the holy monthWith the start of Ramadan, Twitter launched # Ramadan Gatherings, which is a series of audio conversations through the new Masahat feature that dealt with a variety of topics, including related to the holy month, and some of them have recently appeared in conversations.

Over the past five days, audio sessions have taken place across spaces, the new live voice chat feature from Twitter which is currently being tested and will become available to all soon.

The sessions covered various topics such as “maintaining communication”, which discussed the importance of human interaction during the pandemic; And “art”, which shed light on art related to the month of Ramadan; And “Audio Literature” which dealt with the world of reading, writing and audiobooks with a group of authors; And “food waste”, which dealt with the impact of this phenomenon and how to reduce it with a number of experts and influencers; And “Work-Life Balance”, which brought together a number of inspiring women to discuss what they learned from the past year and how to achieve work-life balance as the routine that imposes itself during RamadanThe sessions were hosted by Twitter Director of Media Partnerships in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, and the media interview was moderated by Zeina Soufan.

Among the guests was the author, Sultan Al-Musa; And novelist Abdel-Wahab Al-Rifai.

And the singer Mohamed Mohsen.

The Social and Behavioral Sciences Adviser Dr.

Mohamed Al-Hajji; And content maker Hutun Qazi; And health coach Ryan Karkdan; The contact specialist, Moaz Al-Musallam; Director and Producer Nahla Al-Fahd; And pianist Dalin Khaled; And journalist Sarah Murad; And broadcaster Jassim Al-Shuhaimi; And Chef Abdulaziz Al-Humaidan; Influential writer and writer Rawan Bin Hussein; The content creator is Abdullah Raisi; And the pianist and opera singer Fatima Al-HashemiAfter each session, Twitter encouraged the spread of positivity and giving even by simple actions in line with the meanings of the holy month.

After the “Maintaining Balance” session ended, one of the speakers tweeted personal messages to raise the audience’s spirits, while a number of listeners enjoyed the “Art” session With personal pieces composed by one of the artistsThe guests of the “Home Work Balance” session also had the opportunity to learn about some of the methods that one of the speakers has successfully applied to maintain a work-life balance.

Listeners for the “Audio Literature” session were introduced to Storytel’s audiobook platform by guest authors, while listeners of the “Food Waste” session were introduced to tips and methods for dealing with excess food.

Kinda Ibrahim, Director of Media Partnerships at Twitter for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, said: “Twitter is all about what is happening and what people are talking about right now.

In times of self-reflection, such as Ramadan, people take to the stage to discuss topics that have influenced their lives and their thinkingIn order to serve the public conversation, we aim this year to amplify these conversations in a unique manner and to enhance our strength in the service of open conversation, linking people and bringing them together through the distinctive character of the spaces.

It should be noted that Twitter launched three emoji to celebrate Ramadan, which can be activated using a number of hashtags in seven languages: Arabic, English, Malay, Thai, Indonesian, Hindi and Spanish

Through the New Spaces feature 2021 Twitter launches a series of audio conversations
Through the New Spaces feature 2021 Twitter launches a series of audio conversations