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Sun, 25 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0100

There are plenty of other stores that supply the popular egg chair so here's some of them


There are plenty of other stores that supply the popular egg chair so here’s some of them

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Egg chairs are the new garden craze – and everyone wants one it seems.

Aldi has popularised the egg chair since it released its own version that only costed £150 – an amazing deal to anyone who wants to buy one.

And it has even revealed that it will be bringing it back the chair for just one day only.

But if you don't want to wait and want it right now then there are plenty of alternatives that you can buy from places such as Amazon, Argos and more.

And they will be just as good as buying them from Aldi – if not even better.

So what alternatives are there that you can buy? Here are some of the best choices you can get right now:

This chair is currently on sale at Amazon for a hefty pricetag but looks perfect if you want a egg chair for your garden.

It is padded out with a moveable head and seating cushion, giving you perfect room to really lay back and relax in the swing chair. The hanging seating basket, when hung up, is the perfect height to get in and out of, making using the chair a pleasure.

There are plenty of others you can choose right here.

Argos is selling a grey Rattan chair – and it's probably one of the best looking pieces from the lot.

The description reads: “The ultimate in relaxation, you can mould yourself into its comfortable cushions and gently swing to and fro in its hanging seat. This rattan effect chair will create a real wow point in your garden”.

Ebay is selling various egg chairs from third-party sellers or some people just trying to get rid of their second-hand chairs. If you want something new, this is one of the better chairs on the site.

But you don't have to stop there. There's tons to choose from right here.

B&M is providing perhaps the best alternative to Aldi's version at only an extra £25.

The only bad thing is you will have to visit your nearest store to find out if they have it in stock and you can't order it online.

The description reads: “Relax in your back garden with this wonderful hanging egg chair. The comfortable chair includes a luxury cushion. Provides a smooth rocking action. Suspended basket is secured safely. The perfect place to relax”.

Aldi egg chair

Sun, 25 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0100

Below are some of the top options worth considering if you're planning on kitting out your garden


Amazon Verona Hanging Garden Chair – Wicker Egg Garden 

The hanging egg chair is one summer staple that’s always in fashion

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Lockdown restrictions are easing and the sun is shining, which means it's time to start thinking about summer.

And if there’s one summer staple that’s not going anywhere, it's the hanging egg chair.

The major decor trend arrived on the scene a few years ago, with retailers like Aldi and B&M popularising the comfy chairs and causing shoppers to go crazy each and every year.

With summer slowly but surely on its way, the hanging egg chair is one item many shoppers will be searching stores to find as they prepare their gardens for the sunshine.

Below are some of the top options worth considering if you’re planning on kitting out your garden.

This grey hanging egg chair from Amazon has a steel frame with PR Rattan, grey polyester cushions and a stand.

It comes delivered in four parts, making it easy to assemble.

Sizing: Approx 2.1M tall, the seat is approx 87cms wide and 115cms tall. Base diameter is 105cms.

Price: £269.99

Where to buy: The Verona Hanging Egg Chair is available via Amazon.

John Lewis’ chair features a rounded handwoven design using synthetic wicker in a natural finish and metal frames for durability.

It comes with two cushions and can be purchased in a natural wicker colour or grey.

Sizing: H196.5 x W94.5 x D94.5cm

Price: £399

Where to buy: The chair can be bought directly from John Lewis.

Argos’ rattan egg chair has a metal frame which can be left outdoors, along with comfortable cushions.

The chair boasts a sturdy frame and can be disassembled easily for storage when not in use.

Sizing: H197, W110, D96cm

Price: £250

Where to buy: You can get this rattan chair from Argos.

B&Q’s Cannock Grey Plastic Egg Chair has an easy foldable design that’s perfect for anyone wanting to store it away quickly.

The chair has a wicker rope detailing and comes with two cushions.

Sizing: H1980mm, D960mm, W960mm

Price: £200

Where to buy: This chair is currently on sale, down from £250, at B&Q.

This chair comes with a stand, base, pillow and fixings and is perfect for outdoors.

The sturdy frame holds a wicker weave chair and padded cushions.

Sizing: L94.5 x W94.5 x H194.5cm

Price: £369.95

Where to buy: This chair is available from eBay.

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Aldi’s very popular egg chair sells out each time it goes on sale.

The chair features a timeless rattan design, with a sturdy frame and soft cushions.

Unfortunately you can’t pick the chair up in stores as it is an online exclusive, so you’ll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on one.

Sizing: 195 x 100 x 95cm

Price: £149.99

Where to buy: The chair is frequently posted on Aldi’s website

– April 25, 2021
Aldi egg chair alternatives Best choices from Amazon eBay Argos