NFC is an amazing feature in your phone 2021 Know it

NFC is an amazing feature in your phone 2021 Know it

Most modern smartphones contain a feature called “NFC”, which in Arabic means “near field communication”, and although it is incredibly useful, most users do not know anything about it in the first place.

What is NFC feature? The three letters stand for “Near Field Communication”, meaning “near field communication”, and it is simply an electronic chip, located in the back cover of the phone, and provides a method of wireless communication with another electronic device, as soon as they touch them together from the back, in a circuit Radius of about 4 cm, both devices can send and receive files of any size, and carry out multiple tasks, without the need for Wi-Fi internet or chip internetHow do you know that this feature exists in your phone? Go to the phone’s “Settings”, then “More”, and if you find the word “NFC”, then your phone supports itHow does the NFC feature work? The “NFC” feature transmits and receives data via “radio waves” at high speeds, unlike the Bluetooth feature, which transfers files through the phenomenon of “magnetic induction” at slow speeds, and requires the presence of two active devices operating on a card in order to communicate, As for the “NFC” feature, it can work between two smart phones, or even between a smart phone, and a smart sticker that does not require a power source, and the last we will explain its use in the following linesWhat are the areas of use of the NFC feature? The first area is the exchange of files between two smartphones, of any size, at very high speeds, by activating the “NFC” feature in them first, then making the two devices touch each other through their back coverThe second area, is the smartphone’s connection to smart stickers known as “NFC Tags” and does not need a battery or power to work.

These stickers are programmed, through dedicated applications such as “Trigger” and NFC Task Launcher, that make the phone automatically carry out certain tasks.

, As soon as he comes into contact with herFor example, you can put a smart sticker on your work desk, and program it, and as soon as the phone comes into contact with it, the Internet is automatically disconnected, and the phone switches to silence mode, so that you focus on work, without you needing to manually perform these tasksA smart sticker can also be placed on the door of the home room, so that when you return to work, and start changing your clothes, your phone comes into contact with it, the Wi-Fi internet is turned on automatically, and the Facebook application opens, for example, without your interference.

Smart descriptions are available on online shopping sites, and large quantities of them can be obtained for a very cheap priceThe third area of ​​using the “NFC” feature is electronic payment.

Instead of taking out your credit card in the stores, inserting it into the designated machine, and typing the password, you can pay the money for purchases through your smartphone.

Online payment using the “NFC” feature requires that the phone support Android Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay services.

Although these services are now used on a small scale, in some countries, the future is for them.

After a few years, everyone will be able People who pay for their purchases in the stores using their smartphonesHow can you use the NFC feature to transfer files? A common use of the “NFC” feature is to transfer files between smartphones and each other, all you have to do is activate the “NFC” feature, and “Android Beam” on both phones, the sender and the receiver, and specify the file To be moved, then make the two phones touch each other from the back, and press the sender’s phone screen, and a sound jolt will occur in both phones, warning the start of the transmission processAs we said, the feature “NFC” is characterized by that it allows users to exchange files between each other at very high speeds.

For example, a file size of 1 GB, for example, only needs 10 minutes for the transfer to complete, unlike the slow Bluetooth feature, which You need a large amount of time, beyond the two-hour barrier, to complete the same volume of data transfer

NFC is an amazing feature in your phone 2021 Know it
NFC is an amazing feature in your phone 2021 Know it