Facebook is reviewing 2021 News Feed 2021 content 2021 audience first

Facebook is reviewing 2021 News Feed 2021 content 2021 audience first

It seems that Facebook tends to adopt the desires of the audience in its “News Feed” icon, after there were objections from users about the content.

Facebook has a “News Feed” icon that provides the most prominent international news, which is constantly updated every half hour or less or even whenever the need arises.

It seems that the selected content is contrary to the interests of audiences around the world.

As a result, and in an attempt by Facebook management to gain customer satisfaction, it is working on preparing a digital questionnaire that includes general questions for the audience, about the type of content they prefer, to be in the news feed list, in preparation for publishing what the audience wants to see and see its details.

Audience and content.

Sites specializing in social networking pages expect that the Facebook audience is averse to political content.

In general, Facebook began nearly 5 years ago to pay attention to the basic interests of its audience, which push them to browse their accounts on the most famous social platform in the world.

Therefore, since 2016, Facebook began fighting news content by reducing the number of news content in the form of links, a weapon that was also used to fight websites, and forcing them to intensify payment for publishing their news links on Facebook.

Comments Last week, Facebook wrote in a blog post: “Increasingly we’re hearing comments from people that they’re seeing too much content about politics and too many other types of posts and comments that detract from the news feed experience, and we’re working to understand the types of content associated with these negative experiences.

“Facebook added: “Users want inspirational content because it motivates them and can be useful to them outside the platformSuch as cooking, sports and politics, so we can display posts related to these interests.

For that, and before the digital survey, Facebook began allowing users to choose their interests in news feeds to know what the audience would like to see in this icon, and to reduce unwanted content for them during the coming period.

Political content and political content caused on more than one occasion during the past years, creating problems that reached the courts to Facebook administration, especially those related to the US elections, and the role of Facebook, according to accusations, in the victory of the public candidate Donald Trump in the 2017 session.

On the other hand, news platforms will be faced with new restrictions that may indirectly affect the number of daily visits to them, at a time when Facebook is the main source of public access to news links for websites around the world.

The attempts of news sites to make the most of social networking sites to increase the number of visitors to them, as the owners of social networks believe that the goal of these platforms is direct communication between subscribers, so it worked to reduce the appearance of links on these networks

Facebook is reviewing 2021 News Feed 2021 content 2021 audience first
Facebook is reviewing 2021 News Feed 2021 content 2021 audience first