YouTube enhances the quality of watching videos

YouTube enhances the quality of watching videos

YouTube has enhanced the quality of watching videos through the application for smartphones, by adding two new options, which raise the level of resolution.

According to the “The Verg” website, which specializes in technology news, the first option, in the name of higher picture quality, is to display the videos in high quality.

The second, it is available as data saver, dedicated to displaying videos via the YouTube application, with lower quality, to maintain the Internet package.

The site stated that the first allows videos to be played with a minimum resolution of 720p, while the second option allows playing videos with a maximum resolution of 480p.

The two new resolution services for the YouTube smartphone app are available for Android and iOS operating systems.

YouTube is making more efforts to combat violating videos, through supervisory systems that monitor content that violates the rules.

On Tuesday, YouTube announced its intention to publish estimates of the percentage of videos viewed on the Google platform before it was withdrawn due to violation of its rules, revealing that the rate of these posts is declining and confirming that efforts will be intensified to address them.

“YouTube” indicated that its quarterly report on content moderation will include “the rate of views of offending videos” to indicate the percentage of views of content that violates the rules of the platform, which was less than 1% in the last three months of 2020.

Director of Security Affairs at YouTube Jennifer said O’Connor told a news conference that “this number is very low.

” “Of course, we want to register a lower number yet, and my team is working day and night in this direction,” she added.

This rate means that content that violates the rules of “YouTube” garners between 16 and 18 thousand views for every 10,000 views on the platform, according to O’Connor

YouTube enhances the quality of watching videos
YouTube enhances the quality of watching videos