Learn the secret of slipping Spanish football

Learn the secret of slipping Spanish football

The International Center for Sports Studies “CIES” published a new study showing the decline in Spanish football in some ways during the recent period.

The data provided is very worrying, and confirms the suspicions of those who criticize the decline of Spanish clubs in Europe over recent seasons.

The “CIES” study has thrown its hand at the heart of the dilemma facing football in Spain, as the report analyzed 37 European championships, including the five most important major leagues, in addition to the European Champions League and the European League.

Some things can be deduced from this study, the first of which is that matches in Spain are played in less time compared to the rest of the European leagues, as La Liga has the lowest percentage (59.

3%) among all the major leagues.

This statistic indicates a lot of time wasted in La Liga compared to other tournaments, as positive play in the Champions League amounts to 64.

7%, while the German League (63.

9%), the Italian League (63.

2%), the English League (62%) and the French League (62.

4%) And there is another statistic that indicates the secret of the decline in the percentage of positive play in Spain, due to the large amount of time wasted when the ball comes out of the field, as the ball stays away from the green rectangle by 20% of the time of the match.

For example, in the Champions League, this percentage drops to (18.

2%), and in the Italian League it reaches 17%.

La Liga players also spend a lot of time when resuming play after fouls, with at least 34.

9 seconds wasted on average after any foul.

For example, in Champions League matches, wasted time is no more than 31 seconds when play resumes after fouls.

Referees also contribute to disrupting the game by blowing their whistles to count many violations, at a rate of 27.

1 violations per match, more than the Premier League (21.

5) and the Champions League (25.

2) fines / match

Learn the secret of slipping Spanish football
Learn the secret of slipping Spanish football