Muhammad Rashad and Mai Helmy 2021 And from the divorce 2021 what is exposed

Muhammad Rashad and Mai Helmy 2021 And from the divorce 2021 what is exposed

The statements of the Egyptian singer Mohamed Rashad and his ex-wife, the Egyptian media, Mai Helmy, sparked a great deal of controversy during their appearance on the program “Sheikh Al-Hara and the Bold”, presented by the Egyptian director Inas El-Deghidi, on the Egyptian channel “Al-Qahira wa Al-Nas”May Helmy appeared at the beginning and confirmed that the “movable list” was not the reason for not completing the wedding ceremony, explaining: “We were going to win for the first time, but joy was overpowering, because he was happy alone at night and walked, and the decision was made because his family did not agree to the subject.

“May Helmy admitted that she made a mistake when she accepted her marriage to him after he left the wedding and left her: “My mistake was that I came back to him again, forgiveness too much, what I didn’t love in my personality and in the eastern society, and all around people used to say what people will say what he is going to say one day JoyAbortion revealed the truth about what was reported about her miscarriage during her marriage, saying: “There were no problems in it, and we were at the beginning of the marriage, and I didn’t abort myself, but I was pregnant with twins, and our Lord did not know that they were present, and it was forbidden to be a mother after that.

”May Helmy refused to answer a question about her being beaten by Muhammad Rashad during their marriage period, “He answers this question.

Suicide, May Helmy revealed that she had tried to commit suicide: “He used to call me on the phone after I did not know a specific need, and I went on the phone.

I was surprised that security was at the door, and Mordach liked him.

He called my family at home to open the door, and he did not himself.

“And about the reason for her suicide, she said: “You didn’t want him to come back, but the betrayal hurt me, and I couldn’t help it.

And I succeeded with him, and all I came to make the decision was that I walked, the days, memories, and travel between us and ten were interceding for him.

Treachery and she said that she discovered his betrayal by chance, explaining: “His mobile phone was open, and the message kidnapped me.

She confirmed that her divorced artist, Mohamed Rashad, used to beat her, and one time she went to work with an eye injury, and she was forced to put a lot of cosmetics on her face, to hide what she was exposed to.

Mohamed Rashad denies her statements.

For his part, Rashad responded, during the same program in a separate episode, to the many accusations made against him by his ex-wife May Helmy.

The first of these was his response to the statements she made that he had caused her to miscarry in a twin because of his beatingRashad completely denied this, and confirmed that her miscarriage came because she had undergone a liposuction procedure, and on the contrary, he was hoping that he would have children.

He confesses to beating her once.

As for his beating, he has already confirmed that he beat her once and it was because of her insult to his mother inside their home, which made him not bear and beat herDuring the episode, Muhammad Rashad also responded to another accusation made by May Helmy when she stated that she was spending on him and her house, which he denied completelyHe confirmed that he was taking charge of the household expenses completely and she used to make every month that his bank account was completely free of cash because of her constant desire to travel to Dubai and he used to achieve this for her.

The verdict on Mai Helmy in a case, as singer Mohamed Rashad revealed, during the episode, reveals a surprise, which is that Mai Helmy has a verdict and a caseHe said that one day they were stopped by one of the ambushes, and the police officer revealed to him after searching for his wife’s card that she had a case and a ruling and that she was living in Dar Al-Salaam at the time of the verdict, but he refused to reveal the type of case.

Mai Helmy is lying, and he also revealed another surprise, which is that Mai Helmy lies to the public and is sympathetic to him.

This came when she posted a picture of her from the hospital and that she had a stroke after canceling her first weddingRashad confirmed that at the same time that this picture was uploaded, she was sitting with him for peace in one of the cafes and did not suffer from anything

Muhammad Rashad and Mai Helmy 2021 And from the divorce 2021 what is exposed
Muhammad Rashad and Mai Helmy 2021 And from the divorce 2021 what is exposed