The European Union opens an investigation into the 2021 Facebook 2021 scandal

The European Union opens an investigation into the 2021 Facebook 2021 scandal

The European Union has opened an investigation against the US technology giant “Facebook”, due to the data leakage of more than half a billion usersOn Wednesday, the Irish regulatory body in charge of data protection announced the opening of an investigation against Facebook on behalf of the European Union, after uncovering a data breach of more than 530 million users dating back to 2019.

Data control According to Agence France-Presse, the Irish data protection committee is trying to find out whether the American digital giant has fulfilled its obligations regarding data control, according to a statement.

Facebook’s European headquarters is located in Ireland, and it is therefore up to the Irish regulatory body to conduct an investigation for the benefit of the European UnionThe Irish Data Protection Committee indicated that it had discussed the matter with “Facebook”, and considered that it is possible that there will be a violation of the general law related to the protection of European Union data, and this is what the investigation must determine.

Protecting users The General Data Protection Act, which was put in place in 2018, gives the regulatory body greater authority to protect users from the domination of Facebook, Google, Apple and Twitter, which chose Ireland as its headquarters because of the tax system.

the appropriateThe law stipulates that the regulator can impose a fine of up to 4% of these companies’ global sales volumeWith regard to Facebook, a portion of the hacked user data was published on an online forum for hackers in early April, and it is the creation of “actors seeking to do harm,” according to what the social network reported last week.

This data comes from a leak dating back to 2019, and was “resolved”, according to the group, which called on its members to better protect their accounts and denounced the method of “looting” personal files on “Facebook” through a program that simulates the network functions that help members find friends easily.

By clearing contact listsMultiple files The “Business Insider” website monitored data leakage, and included phone numbers, addresses, and dates of birth.

This is not the first time that the data of millions of Facebook users have been leaked, which is considered the largest social media platform and has about 2.

8 billion users.

In 2018, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a British consulting firm that used the data of tens of millions of Facebook users for political advertising purposes, tarnished the network’s reputation regarding its data privacy issue.

Instagram and “Facebook” faces other files with the Irish Data Protection CommitteeSince 2020, the application “Instagram”, one of the company’s branches, has targeted an investigation in Europe regarding the processing of personal data of underage usersThe regulator opened two separate investigations last month, after receiving complaints that phone numbers and email addresses for young people under the age of 18 were made available to all users on the network.

The Irish judiciary agreed to consider a request submitted by Facebook last September, and temporarily blocked an investigation by the Irish regulatory body that would have prevented the transmission of data between Europe and the United States.

Facebook objected to the committee’s initial conclusions, which seemed ready to block the system used by the American group to transfer its users’ data from one continent to another

The European Union opens an investigation into the 2021 Facebook 2021 scandal
The European Union opens an investigation into the 2021 Facebook 2021 scandal