Pete Bennett 2021 WATCH. gives emotional interview after Nikki .

Pete Bennett Pete Bennett gives interview WATCH: emotional … Nikki after

Wed, 14 Apr 2021 02:00:00 +0100

Pete Bennett has given an emotional interview following the death of his close friend and former girlfriend, Nikki Grahame


Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 3:49pm

By Ellen Smith

Pete Bennett has given an emotional interview following the death of his close friend and former girlfriend, Nikki Grahame.

Pete, who appeared on Big Brother alongside Nikki in 2006, appeared on Good Morning Britain to share his memories of Nikki.

Speaking to hosts Kate Garraway and Adil Ray, Pete revealed that he knew Nikki was very ill, but tried everything in his power to try and help her in her recovery.

Pete explains "I was giving her some big ups.

I was like 'Come on, Nikki.

You deserve a great life.

You're amazing' You know, giving her a big positive Pete to give her an uplifting boost but, when I saw the GoFundMe, it was a shock."

He says "I thought maybe love and support could save her.

I tried my best because we had a bond.

From Big Brother, we've always had that special bond…

That kind of bond that me and Nikki shared was special and I thought that I would be able to lift her out of it and get her feeling good again."

Nikki and Pete found romance in the Big Brother house.

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Pete also remembers the last time he saw Nikki, which he said has now become one of his favourite memories with her.

He said "We were a force of nature.

We just smashed it that night.

When we saw each other again that night, it was magic.

She came out of her shell.

We were reminiscing about Big Brother…

One of the most special nights I ever had with Nikki was that night.

It was a lovely bond and experience again."

Pete revealed, "It's probably the fondest memory I've got with her now."

Pete shared a photograph from his final visit with Nikki.

(via Instagram)

Watch the full interview where Pete shares his wonderful memories with Nikki below.

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Pete Bennett Pete Bennett

Wed, 14 Apr 2021 02:00:00 +0100

Kate Garraway was forced to stop an interview with Pete Bennett after he became emotional over the death of Big Brother pal Nikki Grahame


After the tragic death of Nikki Grahame, Kate Garraway halted an interview with former Big Brother star Pete Bennett on today’s GMB (Tuesday April 13).

Nikki tragically died on Friday (April 9) at the age of 38 after battling anorexia.

Kate was interviewing Pete – a close pal of Nikki’s – when he became emotional during the chat.

So much so, Kate stopped the interview.

Pete, 39, appeared alongside Nikki in the seventh series of Big Brother in 2006.

Since then, the pair had stayed close friends.

And, after the death of Nikki on Friday aged 38, Pete appeared on GMB and said that he was still “speechless”.

“She was lonely, do you know what I mean?” he told Kate.

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“She was stuck in north London, do you know what I mean? All by herself.

“I’m lucky enough to be in Brighton where there’s a beach and lots of people around.

“She was stuck there all by herself and she hasn’t got her coping mechanisms anymore.

Her friends and routine.”

Pete, becoming upset and tearing up, said:  “What’s there to look forward to?”

Kate interjected and asked: “Pete, we can see you’re rather upset.

Is talking about it upsetting you?”

Pete insisted he was fine, but Kate and Adil Ray then brought in Dr Hilary Jones to talk about the eating disorder Nikki suffered from.

Meanwhile, Pete recently said he had hoped that “love and friendship” would save her.

Speaking to Sky News yesterday, Pete said that Nikki had asked him to help her.

He told the news channel: “She rang me up and said ‘Pete I’m ill, come and get me in the clinic’ – I was busy at the time.”

He also revealed that when he saw the GoFundMe page that appealed for help, he rushed to see her.

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“I just got in the cab and went over there with my girlfriend, who is a mental health nurse,” he said.

“We just tried to give her love and support.

“Me and Nikki had a great connection.

I thought the love I had for her would boost her up and get her out of the darkness.”

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– April 14, 2021
Pete Bennett 2021 WATCH. gives emotional interview after Nikki .