Tiger Woods 2021 was driving nearly twice speed limit in crash. but not .

Tiger Woods 2021  was driving nearly twice speed limit in crash. but not .

Tiger Woods 2021 was driving nearly twice speed limit in crash. but not .

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Wed, 07 Apr 2021 11:00:00 -0700

Tiger Woods speeding, at least 84 mph when he crashed in California


Tiger Woods Tiger Woods

Wed, 07 Apr 2021 11:00:00 -0700

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Tiger Woods is “focused on his recovery” after his horror crash.

The golfing pro suffered multiple leg injuries after his car hit the curb and flipped over several times in a crash in February, and sources have now said he remains focused on getting back to full health after he underwent emergency surgery for “significant orthopaedic injuries to his right lower extremity” in the wake of the crash.

An insider told People magazine: “Tiger is happy to be back home, He is focused on his continued recovery.

There is a rehabilitation plan in place.

“He has his down moments but is doing everything he can to heal.

He wants go back on tour at some point.

He is eager to get back into shape.”

Tiger was released from hospital last month, and said he was thankful for the medical staff who helped nurse him back to health.

He said at the time: “Happy to report that I am back home and continuing my recovery.

I am so grateful for the outpouring of support and encouragement that I have received over the past few weeks.

“Thank you to the incredible surgeons, doctors, nurses and staff at Harbor-UCLA Medical Centre and Cedars Sinai Medical Centre.

You have all taken such great care of me and I cannot thank you enough.

I will be recovering at home and working on getting stronger every day.”

Shortly after undergoing surgery, a spokesperson for Tiger confirmed the golf legend was “awake, responsive and recovering”.

In a statement on social media, the spokesperson said: “He is currently awake, responsive, and recovering in his hospital room.

“Thank you to the wonderful doctors and hospital staff at Harbor UCLA Medical Centre, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and the Fire Department.

Your support and assistance has been outstanding.”

Meanwhile, it was recently reported Tiger didn’t hit the brakes during his crash.

Investigators looking into the crash have looked at a number of surveillance cameras on his route – from the beginning to the time of the crash, as well as the crash site itself and the data from the black box of the vehicle – and have concluded he did not decelerate in the moments before and after the incident.

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– April 7, 2021

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