49ers 2021 NFL draft. trade up to No. 3 pick. sending 3 first.round .

49ers 2021 NFL draft.  trade up to No. 3 pick. sending 3 first.round .
nfl draft 2021, Zach Wilson, Eagles

49ers 2021 NFL draft. trade up to No. 3 pick. sending 3 first.round .

49ers 49ers pick, up 3 to sending 3 trade … No. NFL first-round draft:

Fri, 26 Mar 2021 12:00:00 -0700

The 49ers are acquiring the No


3 overall pick in next month's draft from the Miami Dolphins, and the cost is as staggering as expected, at least in terms of draft 





Trading up for the No.

3 pick Friday vaulted the 49ers into the draft’s luxury real estate market, where a high-cost move can yield their next franchise quarterback.

And that third quarterback off the board April 29 will be …

Someone the 49ers have pegged to succeed Jimmy Garoppolo, though not necessarily this coming season.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Jets own the top two picks, and while Trevor Lawrence seems a sure thing to go No.

1 overall, that leaves Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance and Mac Jones for the Jets and, all of a sudden, the 49ers.

The cost to procure the No.

3 pick from the Miami Dolphins is a staggering amount of draft capital: first-round picks each of the next three years, starting with next month’s No.

12 selection, plus a third-round pick in the April draft, a league source confirmed.

Neither the 49ers nor Dolphins have yet to announce the trade, but John Lynch, the 49ers’ general manager, confirmed it with NFL Network’s Steve Wyche at the BYU pro day workout.

Lynch also stated the 49ers immediately informed Garoppolo he remains “in our plans,” and that likely won’t keep other teams from exploring ways to trade for him.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who first reported the trade, cited an unnamed 49ers source as saying: “Jimmy is here to stay.

He’s our guy this year.”

If Garoppolo stays as a short-timer once his heir apparent arrives at the No.

3 draft spot, the 49ers will invite their biggest quarterback controversy since Colin Kaepernick unseated Alex Smith in 2012.

Trading for Steve Young in 1987 to back up Joe Montana set the bar, of course, for all NFL quarterback quandaries.

In a subsequent trade, the Philadelphia Eagles announced they’ve acquired that No.

12 pick (plus No.

123 overall and a 2022 first-round pick) in a subsequent trade with the Dolphins for the Nos.

6 and 156 selections.

Despite Friday’s franchise-shaking news, Shanahan and Lynch are not moving up their press conference from Monday, as it was scheduled Thursday afternoon.



Clemson’s Lawrence is expected to go No.

1 to the Jacksonville Jaguars, then the next-most touted quarterbacks are BYU’s Wilson and Ohio State’s Fields, the latter of whom worked with 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan at a summer clinic four years ago.

Lance (North Dakota State) and Jones (Alabama) are also top options.

Of that pair, Jones is seen as the 49ers’ more logical fit in the eyes of NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms, a close friend of Shanahan’s.

49ers-Dolphins…Kyle Shanahan trying to control his own fate.

You trade up to 3 for a QB who is NFL-ready right now, not a project.

And to me that says Mac Jones.

— Chris Simms (@CSimmsQB) March 26, 2021

49ers-Dolphins…Kyle Shanahan trying to control his own fate.

You trade up to 3 for a QB who is NFL-ready right now, not a project.

And to me that says Mac Jones.

— Chris Simms (@CSimmsQB) March 26, 2021

NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah acknowledged that Jones “does fit a lot of things Kyle Shanahan really values at that position,” Jeremiah said on Friday’s “Path to the Draft” broadcast.

Jeremiah also wouldn’t rule out Fields, whose pro day is next week.

Lance, however, is who Jeremiah projected to the 49ers after the trade, stating: “The signs point more toward Trey Lance, just from a skillset standpoint.

When they came out and said Garoppolo would still be a part of their plans, that, to me, meant, ‘OK we don’t have to rush this guy on the field.’  “

News of the trade broke Friday morning while Wilson began his pro-day workout at BYU, with Lynch and the Jets’ brass in attendance.

The #49ers are keeping Jimmy Garoppolo, according to the team.

@wyche89 says that John Lynch told him: "Yes we decided to go ahead and do this, once it was finalized the first thing we did was call Jimmy Garoppolo to let him know he's still in our plans."

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) March 26, 2021

The #49ers are keeping Jimmy Garoppolo, according to the team.

@wyche89 says that John Lynch told him: "Yes we decided to go ahead and do this, once it was finalized the first thing we did was call Jimmy Garoppolo to let him know he's still in our plans."

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) March 26, 2021

Four years ago, the 49ers bypassed quarterbacks with the No.

3 pick overall and instead drafted defensive tackle Solomon Thomas.

The 49ers owned the No.

2 overall selection in that draft but traded it to the Chicago Bears, who selected Mitchell Trubisky ahead of a quarterback crop that included future stars Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.


Garoppolo, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, is expected to remain the 49ers’ starter for the season’s quest to return to the Super Bowl stage, where Garoppolo and the 49ers lost a late lead to the Kansas City Chiefs in February 2020.

Shanahan and Lynch publicly have backed Garoppolo on every occasion they’ve been asked since, well, since he arrived in a 2017 Halloween trade with the New England Patriots, who’ve been rumored all offseason in trying to require him.

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Beathard joins Jaguars; K’Waun Williams’ return secures secondary 49ers’ Trent Williams reveals how he dined then ditched the Kansas City Chiefs’ offer

Neither Shanahan nor Lynch has spoken to the media about the 49ers’ plans since Jan.

4, the day after last season’s injury-marred march to a 6-10 record.

Garoppolo nor his agent could be reached for comment.

Garoppolo has two years remaining on a contract that calls for annual salaries of roughly $24 million.

His injury history (torn ACL in 2018, high ankle sprains in 2020) prompted the 49ers to say they’d at least try to upgrade the backup roles, though this trade certainly signals larger plans at the top of the depth chart — even as the Niners say Garoppolo remains in their plans.

Josh Rosen and Josh Johnson are the current backups and neither has taken a snap for the 49ers.

Former backup C.J.

Beathard signed a two-year deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday, and former fill-in starter Nick Mullens is a free agent rehabilitating an elbow injury.


Surrendering three first-round draft picks is a near-historic dowry for the 49ers, rivaled by a 1976 package that brought Jim Plunkett from New England for three first-round picks, a second-round pick, plus quarterback Tom Owens.

The 49ers’ first-round picks have not all panned out since Shanahan and Lynch took over in 2017, starting with that year’s selections of Thomas (who left in free agency last week for the Raiders) and linebacker Reuben Foster (No.

31; released in November 2018).

Other first-rounders: right tackle Mike McGlinchey (No.

9 in 2018), defensive end Nick Bosa (No.

2 in 2019), defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw (No.

14 in 2020) and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk (No.

25 in 2020); Bosa won NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year honors.

The 49ers now have nine picks: Round 1 (No.

3), Round 2 (No.

43), Round 4 (No.

117), Round 5 (Nos.

155, 172, 180), Round 6 (No.

194) and Round 7 (No.


They have traded picks in Round 3 (Trent Williams, Washington) and Round 7 (Marquise Goodwin, Philadelphia), in addition to the picks traded Friday to Miami.

The third-round pick sent to the Dolphins is the selection the 49ers acquired from the NFL’s diversity hiring initiative as compensation for Robert Saleh, their former defensive coordinator who became the New York Jets coach this offseason.

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49ers 49ers

Fri, 26 Mar 2021 12:00:00 -0700

The 49ers are acquiring the No


3 overall pick in the 2021 draft from the Dolphins, while Miami gets the No


12 overall pick, a third-round pick and two future 

Around The NFL Writer

The San Francisco 49ers have made a draft splash one month before it actually begins.

The 49ers have traded up from the 12th overall pick to the third overall in a deal with the Miami Dolphins, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Friday.

Miami receives the 12th overall selection from San Francisco, a third-round pick and first-round picks in 2022 and 2023, per Rapoport.

The Dolphins then traded the No.

12 pick and a 2022 first-rounder to the Eagles for the sixth-overall selection to complete the Friday flurry of deals.

The trade for the No.

3 pick can have massive ramifications on the outlook of the league at quarterback.

NFL Network’s Steve Wyche reported Friday that 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan told him Jimmy Garoppolo remains in the team’s plans, which Rapoport added means keeping Garoppolo in Santa Clara, but frankly, teams don’t just give up three first-round picks to leap up from No.

12 to 3 to take a complementary piece.

This sure feels like it’s a move to land a signal-caller of the future.

We’ve spent plenty of time and digital space wringing our hands over the future of Garoppolo, which includes wondering if he’ll be able to be healthy for a full season, something he’s done just once in his time with the 49ers.

That season, San Francisco was fantastic, winning the NFC title and coming within a quarter of a Super Bowl triumph.

But the ceiling on Garoppolo is visible, and he hasn’t gotten near it because he hasn’t been able to get off the ground due to injury.

After spending most of the past three seasons vacillating between Nick Mullens and C.J.

Beathard when determining who will fill in for Garoppolo, it became clear that simply wouldn’t be acceptable for the 49ers anymore.

The “Jimmy got hurt” excuse is no longer a fluke, but a trend, and it’s time to prepare accordingly — not because they’d expect an injury, but it would be foolish to not have a better Plan B.

Remember, the two most important football players on a team are the starting quarterback, and the backup quarterback, especially in today’s NFL.

The 49ers have a roster they and many others believe is built to win now, one that was decimated by injury last season, and they have a coach who is fully capable of guiding them to fulfilling their greatest potential.

The only thing that has really been in their way is the injury report, and if San Francisco believes all of this to be true, now is the time to strike on one of the top quarterback prospects in a highly touted class.

The logic isn’t simply drafting to replace Garoppolo, either.

The 49ers very well could keep Garoppolo, take their guy at No.

3, and slot him in behind Garoppolo with the ship headed full steam ahead.

This time around, if Garoppolo gets hurt, the 49ers could have the guy they envision for the long haul ready to go behind him.

Will it be a tough situation to step into for a rookie quarterback? Sure, but not any tougher than it would be if San Francisco had drafted the quarterback, shipped Garoppolo elsewhere (New England, perhaps?) and handed the keys to the new kid.

And that’s still possible too, especially after examining Garoppolo’s current deal and discovering he’d save the 49ers $23.6 million in a pre-June 1 cut and $25 million in a post-June 1 release.

Plus, telling the NFL your intent is to keep Garoppolo is also a move to preserve his value on the open market.

If an interested team asks about Garoppolo, the 49ers haven’t showed a single card in their hand that could cause them to lose a little leverage in negotiations.

And if a trade doesn’t work out, there’s little to no damage control required to keep everything peaceful inside the organization.

This deal arrived with GM John Lynch watching BYU quarterback Zach Wilson — the presumed No.

2 quarterback in this draft — warming up to participate in his pro day.

That’s likely not a coincidence, but the Jets currently stand in the way of the 49ers in the Wilson sweepstakes — unless they decide to keep Sam Darnold and spend the pick elsewhere (Oregon tackle Penei Sewell could be one option), or trade it for their own haul.

At pick No.

12, San Francisco was out of the running for quarterback.

After this trade, they’re right in the thick of it with Ohio State’s Justin Fields and North Dakota State’s Trey Lance as other potential options.

With savvy personnel navigation and draft maneuvering getting the 49ers to this point, they’re poised to make a cannonball-like splash in April.

And they might not end up being the only team finding themselves in need of a towel.

The Raiders have added another wideout in free agency.

Las Vegas announced Friday it has signed veteran receiver Willie Snead.

Check out what else is happening around the NFL on Friday.

The Dolphins acquired the No.

6 overall pick  in the 2021 NFL Draft from the Eagles, along with the No.

156 overall pick, in exchange for the No.

12 and No.

123 overall picks and a 2022 first-round selection. 

New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore was arrested in Cleveland on Thursday evening, Cleveland police confirmed to

Lattimore was arrested for failure to notify possession of a firearm, and on suspicion of receiving stolen property.

The Bucs are re-signing running back Leonard Fournette to a one-year deal worth $3.25 million, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Friday.

The deal could see Fournette earn up to $4 million with incentives. 

Browns GM Andrew Berry described safety John Johnson as a talented young player entering his prime who “doesn’t usually make it to the free-agent market.”

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said he was “very excited” upon learning that franchise quarterback Dak Prescott had been signed to a long-term deal.

During a chat with fans on Thursday, Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II said the club wanted the 39-year-old veteran QB back as long as the money worked.

A late-season addition to the team in 2020, pass rusher Carlos Dunlap is re-signing with the Seahawks on a two-year deal worth $16.6 million with $8.5 million guaranteed, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported via Dunlap’s agent Drew Rosenhaus. 

The Seattle Seahawks are moving on from longtime starting defensive tackle Jarran Reed, either via release or trade, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Thursday afternoon.

Reed bid farewell to Seattle via social media, as well. 

The Kansas City Chiefs are bringing back one of their free-agent receivers.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the Chefs are re-signing wideout Demarcus Robinson to a one-year contract.

Giovani Bernard might be on the move.

Multiple teams have called to inquire about a possible trade for the Bengals’ veteran RB, Tom Pelissero reports. 

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You already know what it is! Striking Gold’s jumping on the @lockerroomapp at 2pm PST to talk about the #49ers’ trade to No. 3 overall. @eric_crocker and I will do the damn thing along with special guest @KP_Show. Let’s talk quarterbacks.

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#ProFootballDocPodcast back on 2/1/21 with @LoniePaxton, we discussed how #JimmyG may have fallen out of favor based on how @49ers hid behind his injury.

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It is official: #49ers announce they have acquired the number three overall draft pick in the 2021 NFL Draft from the Dolphins in exchange for SFs 2021 first-round (12th overall) draft choice, the 49ers 2022 and 2023 first-round picks and a 2022 compensatory third-round pick.

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David Lombardi ✓

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The trade is officially Miami’s 2021 #3 for the 49ers’ 2021 (#12), 2022 and 2023 first-rounders and a 2022 third-round comp pick

4 minutes ago

Nick Wagoner ✓

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#49ers have now officially announced the trade. The No. 3 overall pick in this years draft belongs to them.

5 minutes ago

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🚨 TRADE ALERT 🚨 The #49ers have acquired the No. 3 overall pick in the 2021 #NFLDraft. Details 👇

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1010 XL / 92.5 FM

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Frangie Show: “Ive written down at least 12 teams who will have a new QB in the #NFL this year. Ive never seen it change like this.” – @Ballou1010xl

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