Fournier 2021 Celtics acquire Evan 39;Don39;t Google39; in trade with Magic

Fournier 2021 Celtics acquire Evan 39;Don39;t Google39;  in trade with Magic
Evan Fournier

Fournier 2021 Celtics acquire Evan 39;Don39;t Google39; in trade with Magic

Fournier Fournier acquire Magic in Google' 'Don't with trade Celtics Evan

Thu, 25 Mar 2021 09:00:00 -0700

If well-wishers are warning to not Google search Evan Fournier's name in the search bar, there's a reason for that


Basketball reference has “Don't Google” as 

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If well-wishers are warning to not Google search Evan Fournier’s name in the search bar, there’s a reason for that.

Basketball reference has “Don’t Google” as Fournier’s nickname, which on first impression sounds strange since it’s nowhere close to the Frenchman’s real name.

Well, here’s the reason: Fournier shares the same last name as a disease of male genitalia, fournier gangrene.

A further Google search results in some graphic images, which is why others are so adamant on not searching the sharpshooter’s last name by itself.

Fortunately, a Google search for his full name shows the 28-year-old’s headshot and some accompanying stats.

The Celtics reportedly acquired the former Magic guard Thursday for two second-round picks, hours before the 3 p.m.

trade deadline.

Fournier is in on the joke since that’s how he introduced himself to Celtics fans on Twitter.

“Hi @celtics fans,” Fournier wrote on Twitter.

“If you’re not familiar with me, please Google my last name.

You’re welcome.”

Here are four other things to know about the newest Celtics guard:

Fournier has increased his point-per game average every season in the league: It’s not too difficult to see how Fournier’s addition will boost the Celtics’ on-court product almost immediately.

Fournier’s averaging 19.7 points, 2.9 rebounds and 3.7 assists per game this season and should be a stellar third or fourth offensive option when he’s on the court.

Fournier has increased his scoring average every season he’s been in the league.

Where Celtics fans are perhaps most interested in is his sharpshooting: He’s a career 37.6% 3-point shooter and making 38.8% of his attempts this season.

Whether he comes off the bench or is in the starting lineup, Fournier will be crucial to the Celtics’ down the stretch in clutch lineups.

His presence alone will open up driving lanes and the paint as defenders will need to mark the shooter at the 3-point line.

Fournier is still only 28 years old: If it seems like Fournier has been in the league for an extended period, it’s because he has.

He’s in his eighth season in the NBA after being selected in the first round of the 2012 draft.

That doesn’t mean he’s that old, though, not turning 29 until October.

That’s a plus for the Celtics as Fournier isn’t too far off from the Celtics’ timeline.

While there are some questions of Fournier’s long-term viability with the franchise, there are some positives from the trade.

Fournier is making $17.1 million this season and is set to be a free agent.

But Celtics president Danny Ainge has said multiple times he doesn’t like the idea of trading for a rental player, meaning there’s a good chance Boston plans to re-sign Fournier.

The Celtics have his Bird Rights, meaning they can offer him more money than any other team in the open market, which should bode well to keep Fournier in Boston past this season.

He has some international experience, including beating some current Celtics: Fournier represented France in the 2019 FIBA World Cup.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because France beat the United States 89-79 in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

The loss snapped a 58-game winning streak for the U.S.

through FIBA and Olympic competitions.

That U.S.

roster wasn’t at full strength as numerous superstars opted out.

But it did feature four current Celtics: Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker and Marcus Smart.

Perhaps Fournier will have a bit of bragging rights after that game.

Fournier had a stellar game in helping France beat the U.S., scoring a team-high 22 points on 9-for-21 shooting.

France went on to earn the bronze medal.

Fournier loved the Kings growing up: Fournier found his love for basketball by watching the early-2000s Sacramento Kings.

He even took parts of that team with him as he wears the No.

10 jersey in honor of another strong 3-point shooter: Mike Bibby.

Luckily, nobody on the Celtics currently wears that jersey number, so it’s all for Fournier to take once he suits up with the squad.

Story by Souichi Terada,


Fournier Fournier

Thu, 25 Mar 2021 09:00:00 -0700

The source said that though there was still a “high” chance that Danny Ainge would do something, “nothing else is close


” The Celtics would have to move salary 





Not long after Orlando reached agreement on a trade that sent Aaron Gordon to Denver for Gary Harris, R.J.

Hampton and a first-round pick, a league executive said he believed that the Celtics had slowed down.

By spending $17 million of their available trade exception money ($19 million) on a deal that also sent two second-round picks to Orlando for Evan Fournier, the Celtics had limited their remaining leverage.

The source said that though there was still a “high” chance that Danny Ainge would do something, “nothing else is close.” The Celtics would have to move salary to free up more of the TPE.

They can still use the remaining amount — approximately $11 million — during the offseason once free agency starts.

The entire sequence also illustrated how much the Celtics value Marcus Smart.

A league source told the Herald this morning that the Celtics president had assured Smart that the Celtics had never put him on the bargaining table — that all of the Smart conversation was coming from other teams.

The source added that Smart, who was coveted by Atlanta when the Celtics and Hawks discussed a deal for John Collins, was less of a factor in the team’s discussions with Orlando.

“Orlando didn’t really insist on Smart,” he said.

“Orlando just seemed to like Gary Harris and the Denver deal better.”

Judging from the overwhelming reaction on Twitter to the news that the Celtics had used such a large wedge of trade-exception pie on Fournier, the move wasn’t necessarily a popular one with the public.

The Celtics had just spent a large amount of their coupon on a 28-year-old sniper who will be an unrestricted free agent this summer.

Ainge has gambled on a rental player.

But the 6-foot-6 wing fits a pressing need.

He averaged 19.6 points for the Magic this season and shot 39% from 3-point range.

He had earned his Celtics killer credentials some time ago, and will immediately slide in as an off-the-bench sniper behind Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Kemba Walker.

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Evan Fournier

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