India vs England 2021 . first ODI. live score and latest updates

India vs England 2021 . first ODI. live score and latest updates
ind vs eng

India vs England India vs England , and live first ODI: score latest updates

Tue, 23 Mar 2021 08:00:00 +0000

England appeal for a strangle off Tom Curran when Iyer flaps at a short ball but it climbed above the bat



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Wood is back for an eighth over, bounces Iyer who sees that England have posted a gully for his cut stroke and Raina-esque flappability against the short ball so pulls it instead for four.

Wood gets his man with a fuller delivery, perhaps surprising him with bounce. 

Wood’s figures are 8-1-42-2. 

Iyer c sub (Livingstone) b Wood 6 Mistimes his drive s badly his bottom hand comes off the bat and he slices it to the cover sweeper.

Livingstone sprints in and takes a good catch sliding on his knees.  FOW 187/3

England appeal for a strangle off Tom Curran when Iyer flaps at a short ball but it climbed above the bat.

He is much better on the front foot, working a single off middle and off through square leg.

Dhawan moves to within one blow of an 18th ODI hundred with a crunching square cut for four off Curran’s off-cutter that sat up begging. 

Holding his left arm tight by his side.

Liam Livingstone comes on as a substitute fielder. 

That’s the breakthrough England had been desperate for in the drinks huddle.

Good to see the broad smile on Moeen’s face.

Iyer gets off the mark with a jabby-dab to third man for one.

Dhawan is brilliant at cutting, pulling and sweeping.

Here he gleans four with a short-arm pull and four more when walking across outside off, Sam Billings who tried to drag it back is down injured and may have popped his left shoulder out.


There’s going to be another lengthy delay. 

Kohli c Moeen b Wood 56 Plays that unique wristy flick off middle stump but succeeds only in spearing it down Moeen’s throat running to his right on the midwicket boundary.  Some amends there, for Moeen.  FOW 169/2

Morgan takes off both spinners and brings back Tom Curran who stems the flow of boundaries and goes for five singles. 

Morgan turns to Wood in search of a wicket.

This was fertile territory for Plunkett and no one else.

At least it forces Kohli out of his cap. 

At 90 mph he test Kohli’s reflexes who is hurried into defensives before steering a single down to third man.

Dhawan plays another dreamy cover drive for four.

They way they’re batting here with Rahul and Pandya to come, they should be targeting 350 at least. 

That’s the hundred partnership and drinks. 

Fifty runs off 50 balls for Virat Kohli, brought up with a drive off Rashid’s googly for a single.

They work a single apiece into the onside then Dhawan sweeps hard in front of square for four.

He absolutely belted that, made the sound of  a one-punch KO. 

The partnership is 95. 

Looked like the sun was in the eyes of Moeen Ali with that catch.




Kohli drives four through Stokes at mid-off.

It hit his hands and deflected for four.

It never rains for Moeen – Dhawan takes him to the cleaners, retreating to leg then lofting it over extar-cover for six, then collaring a dart into the pads and working it fine  for four past long leg.

England are taking a pasting here. 

Oh dear – Adil Rashid drops short, Dhawan slaps a nonchalant pull to deep midwicket and Moeen runs 15 yards to his right and shells a sitter.

Rashid gives his best mate a grimace.  

Given the two batsmen he is bowling to, the road of a pitch and the fact they’re well set, Moeen can consider five singles a minor triumph. 

India reach halfway with 320 firmly in their sights.

They’re milking the spinners’ good balls for singles and slapping a boundary an over, this time Kohli, hanging deep in his crease, gorges on Rashid’s shorter ball, cuffing it through midwicket for four. 

Moeen, comes into the attack.

He turns it from the start.

Kohli slashes a single off the back foot in front of point, Dhawan works two off his pads through fine leg then drives a single on the charge.

Kohli, batting in his cap, ends the over imperiously off a wide dart, smearing it square past cover for four. 

Dhawan brings up his half-century with a slog sweep for six, survives the review and slices a drive down to the cover sweeper for a single.

Kohli leans outside off and, all bottom hand, thrashes a drive past the diving bowler and mid-on for four.

Lovely stroke. 

Saved by umpire’s call as the ball would have clipped the top of leg stump as Dhawan dropped to sweep. 

Dhawan lbw b Rashid  Too high? 

Stokes begins with a pie that Kohli pulls hard through midwicket for four but then racks up five dot balls with discipline and skill, moving it both ways and keeping Kohli unable to free his arms and find the middle of the bat.  

Kohli cuts the wrong ‘un and the turn into him means it goes finer, racing down to third man for two.

Rashid’s second googly of the over is a touch too short and Kohli whips it from outside off through mid-on for a single.

All wrists rather than biceps. 

Ben Stokes has a surprisingly good record with the ball against Virat Kohli.

From 85 balls, Kohli's scored 80 runs but been dismissed 3 times – an average of 26.66.



Stokes returns and serves up a floaty full one to Kohli.

Not wise.

Kohli climbs into it and laces it through extra-cover for four.

Not sure what England’s policy is here.

Is it to spread 20 overs between Moeen, Stokes and Sam Curran, presuming they’ll use Tom Curran and his Dernbachian repertoire at the death. 

Big shout from Rashid when Dhawan tries to sweep and is struck on the right knee but the umpire believes it pitched outside leg.

Replays suggest it would have been umpire’s call.

Dhawan sweeps successfully for a single, Kohli taps the leg-break with the turn through point. 

Tom Curran deserves credit for keeping them down to three singles.

He has always been a great competitor with good heart and a feisty disposition.

It’s half the battle when establishing yourself in white-ball cricekt, 

Eoin Morgan turns to his best bowler, Adil Rashid and he puts the brakes on with good pace and his repertoire of googlies and good length leg-breaks.

Two singles, Dhawan’s from tickling a leg-break off his pads for a single, Kohli’s worked through square leg. 

Kohli strides towards Tom Curran and works the ball fine off his ankle for two but Curran fights back well with three dot balls, keeping his line tight to off and fourth stump.

Kohli spots it when Curran goes wider on the crease and uses the angle to slice a single down to third man.

Dhawan tucks one off his hip to fine leg.  


Kohli gets off the mark with an elongated defensive push to the cover sweeper for a single, Dhawan drives uppishly square for a single and Kohli adds another with a sweet dab down to third man. 

Dhawan ends the over with a glorious pick-up off his toes, chipping it over square leg for four. 

Rohit c Buttler b Stokes 28  Golden arm does it again with a piece of loose, short filth outside off.

Rohit shapes to cut, misjudges the bounce and top-edges through to the keeper.  FOW 64/1

Dhawan opens the face to run a single down to third man, Rohit has lined up Tom Curran and charges him, outrageously pulling hard on the front foot over midwicket. 

Ben Stokes, with his russet curtains, bowls a legside bouncer to Dhawan who swivels and chastises it fine for four with a wristy pull.

Shikhar keeps using his feet to the seamers and adjusts when they see him coming, this time whipping two off his pads to fine leg. 

That’ll be drinks. 

To England’s credit they are fielding superbly, the pitch is a belter and no pair of openers has scored more in ODIs since the 2015 World Cup.

Curran Major draws the edge from Dhawan but the ball flies through vacant second/third slip  for a single. 

Sam Curran sees Dhawan striding on to the dancefloor, bangs it in and watches the bail sail over his head.

Good idea and worth the sanction of a wide.

Dhawan picks up two singles and a two square of the wicket, Rohit takes two singles with a chop and a glide both to third man. 

Perfect foundations for India’s stellar middle order to build towards 350, one fears. 

11 overs in an hour …

One day cricket …

!!!!! I have decided it’s not me getting old it’s the game that needs to bloody hurry up …



Tom Curran is the first change and he’s wearing a had-band that is trying for a Christopher Walken in the Deer Hunter vibe.

Rohit requires more treatment before he can continue.

We’re going to be here all day at this rate.

Curran T beats Rohit through  the gate, the ball kisses his back thighpad and England appeal half-heartedly for the catch.

Shikhar works two singles off his pads, Rohit dabs one down to third man.

Sam Curran will continue – it’s not the end of his spell.  

Five singles off Sam Curran’s fifth over.

He has bowled well to end his first spell with 5-1-15-0 but this bowling attack looks very short of wicket-taking threat, bar Adil Rashid.

I genuinely think they discarded Plunkett too soon.

Could have done a job in the T20. 

Ben Stokes is hit by a half-volley at second slip as the ball scuttled beneath his hands.

It strikes him plum on the shin and, understandably, he yells.

His team-mates find it hilarious.  

Rohit after groping about to the first four balls, now recovers his princely elegance to smear a cover drive for four and follows it up with an even better stroke, drilling four, Tendulkar fashion, down through mid-off.


Roy dives to his left to try to catch a blistering cut stroke from Dhawan at backward point.

He does well even to parry it and they almost bag a batsman anyway as Billings shies at the non-strikers and makes the clearly stricken Rohit dive to make his ground. 

So much ‘bustle’ about Sam Billings as a bowler, like a little engine determined to pull a heavy load up a hill.

”ll show you.’ You sense that in his mind’s eye he’s 6ft 2in and Wasimesque.

Whatever, he is bowling well, teasing them with a fuller length.

Two singles off the over. 

Dhawan breaks the shackles with a thunderous square cut for four off Wood followed off the very next ball with a creamy no-footwork cover drive, both shots reminiscent of Trescothick, albeit a Trescothick without the sausage  habit.

Rohit needs more treatment and a bandage now.

Oh bandage, up yours etc. 

Curran minor (minimus plays for Northants) pins Shikhar, goes up in a full-throated appeal but accepts the umpire’s judgment that it was too high.

The dashing left-hander comes down the track but has to hastily improvise a whip through midwicket for a single. 

Rohit improvises too, playing an uncharacteristic paddle-scoop over his shoulder for four.

He hardly ever plays strokes like that. 


Nasty blow for Rohit on the right elbow.

The replay makes one wince thousands of miles away.

His left elbow was nice and high, trying to flick the ball through square leg but it kept climbing and struck him horribly.

His little finger is numb, skin grazed and he is in considerable pain.

But he will continue after the blood has been blotted and painkillers chugged. 

Two balls left after the delay.

Both of them should be short, one would think.

No, double bluff.

Wood goes full and Rohit defends, keeping the bottom hand on the bat.

The ball that hit him was 92mph. 

Wood ends the over by coming wide on the crease and beating Rohit all ends up as the ball whistles past the edge and leaps over off-stunp.

Another maiden. 

Good from Sam Curran, whose IPL seven-figure value doesn’t seem to be accepted by most England fans who continually question his worth as a white-ball cricketer.

He makes the ball nibble both ways to Dhawan, tries the yorker that the left-hander chisels out and puts a maiden in the scorebook.

Mark Wood has now bowled the first over of an ODI innings on 18 occasions – but has never taken a wicket in that opening over.

Since 2000, only one man has bowled the first over more often, without taking a wicket: Mohammed Shami, who's done it 19 times.



Excellent start from Mark Wood, who is cramping Dhawan for room outside off from over the wicket.

Well, he was until, after beating him, he hangs one wider and the Flashing Blade slashes a cut through point for four.

He hit it so hard, England need a replacement ball as the seam has disintegrated in one spot. 

Big shout from Sam Curran as he pins Rohit on the back leg.

It would have hit middle and off but regrettably pitched outside leg-stump.  They work three single sedately to continue a low-key start.

As Sky points out, on Krunal Pandya’s debut, it’s a long time since England fielded two brothers in a team with two brothers in it.

1997 with the Hollioakes vs the Waughs? 

Mark Wood starts at his usual fair lick with speed, bounce and nibble, beating Rohit with pace, movement and bounce.

Rohit tucks a single off his hip and Wood also beats Shikhar on the outside edge with one that left the left-hander like an off-break.

Good start from Wood who is not a new-ball bowler for England. 

India  Rohit Sharma,  Shikhar Dhawan,  Virat Kohli (capt),  Shreyas Iyer,  KL Rahul (wk), Hardik Pandya,  Krunal Pandya,  Shardul Thakur,  Bhuvneshwar Kumar,  Kuldeep Yadav,  Prasidh Krishna.

England  Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Ben Stokes, Eoin Morgan (capt), Jos Buttler (wk), Sam Billings, Moeen Ali, Sam Curran, Tom Curran, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood. 

And stay in their comfort zone by choosing to put India in. 

And welcome to live coverage of the first of three ODIs from Pune featuring England’s World Cup winners and beaten semi-finalists and No2-ranked team, India.

I say World Cup winners bit three of  their victorious bowlers from the team who turned it around with two group matches to go – Liam Plunkett, Jofra Archer and Chris Woakes – are not here and neither is their best batsman from that tournament, Joe Root. 

England and India seem to be using this match as a way to assess candidates for the T20 World Cup rather than casting their gaze on the 2023 50-over competition which returns to India after only a 12-year gap.

Those empty stadiums in the Caribbean in 2007 for some group games and the state of the South African economy seem to mean the big three are the only viable hosts these days. 

Virat Kohli, as is his wont, ruffled the DRS feathers yesterday with his comments about soft signals and his whole behaviour towards umpires which has gone from Sir Alex Ferguson to Neil Warnock during this England tour. 

As Nick Hoult reports:  Kohli hinted that he thought England did not act in the ‘spirit of the game’ with their celebrations after Dawid Malan took a catch in the deep off Suryakumar Yadav.

Kohli believes England celebrating the wicket influenced the umpire, Nitin Menon, who was not close to the incident, to signal it was out when he referred the catch to the third umpire for confirmation.

The third umpire upheld the catch as clean saying there was not enough evidence to overturn the on field decision.

Kohli said:

Kohli also believes the umpire’s call has too much power in deciding decisions, and although he stopped short of saying it should be dropped from the decision review system, he believes it is time for the protocols to be looked at by the International Cricket Council.

I think there are two points here – the reason he played without DRS for a long time was because India refused to sanction it when every other international side did.

Umpire’s call was partly introduced to help convince India that the system was not black and white, given they did not trust the technology.  But I think he’s right, there will come a time when umpire’s call has to go.

All it would take is for everyone to agree that the technology is reliable and that should the ball be capable of dislodging the bails for lbw referrals, it should be given OUT. 

The soft signal for disputed catches is a whole different kettle of fish.

We know about foreshortening and the illusion created by the zoom lens in those cases.

We know the fielder himself is not always 100 per cent sure and the umpire at the non-striker’s, particularly for slip catches, has the best view.

I can sympathise with the view that square leg should not be signalling fair catch when it’s 50m away, but unless one wants all Malan-style catches to be overturned by the natural application of the zoom/foreshortening – and I think it was clean – I don’t know what the solution is.

You can read more of Kohli’s comments here.  

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India vs England India vs England

Tue, 23 Mar 2021 08:00:00 +0000

Ben Stokes returns to ODI action as the series gets underway in Pune


Join our writers for the over-by-over action


– March 23, 2021
India vs England 2021 . first ODI. live score and latest updates
ind vs eng

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