Arkansas basketball 2021 No. 3 Arkansas sinks teeth into No. 14 Colgate after being on upset .

Arkansas basketball 2021 No. 3 Arkansas sinks teeth into No. 14 Colgate after being on upset .
colgate basketball, Colgate

Arkansas basketball 2021 No. 3 Arkansas sinks teeth into No. 14 Colgate after being on upset .

Arkansas basketball Arkansas basketball on … into Colgate being No. after Arkansas No. upset 14 3 teeth sinks

Fri, 19 Mar 2021 10:00:00 -0700

Justin Smith, a transfer from Indiana, scored a career-high 29 points and grabbed 13 rebounds in Arkansas' first-round win over Colgate


INDIANAPOLIS – Eric Musselman squeezed a tube of toothpaste onto the locker room floor as he talked to his Arkansas Razorbacks before their first-round NCAA tournament game.

“We’ve got to squeeze Colgate,” he said as the minty white paste fell from the red tube.

He made a pun before seemingly everybody else got in their tooth-related jokes Friday afternoon.

Colgate was the top trending topic on Twitter for a moment.

After all, it was the No.

14 Raiders who came out in mint condition, kicking the third-seeded Razorbacks in the teeth and brushing them aside.

They jumped out to a 14-point lead and appeared on their way to the first big upset of this NCAA tournament at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

But that possibility eventually went down the tube, just like Musselman’s toothpaste.

Colgate became crestfallen.

Arkansas used a 17-0 run before halftime to erase its deficit on the way to an 85-68 round victory.

While we know what happened in the locker room before the game, how about afterward?

“There was no celebrating,” Musselman said.

“In the other tournaments we’ve been able to advance in, there was always celebrating even after Game 1.

When I walked in and asked if they were happy, they said, ‘Coach, we were supposed to win.’”

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The Razorbacks, now 23-6 and ranked 10th in the final polls, will play Texas Tech in the second round.

Colgate (14-2) entered with the third-longest winning streak in the nation (13) and was ninth in the NCAA NET rankings.

Although it was a double-digit seed, it had been discussed as a possible upset pick throughout the week and backed it up.

That at least was until it went scoreless for the final 5:28 of the first half.

Colgate was 0-for-7 from the field with six turnovers after taking a 14-point lead.

Arkansas outscored Colgate by 31 the rest of the way and a rowdy Arkansas crowd spent the rest of the afternoon hog calling.

“I thought that maybe our inexperience in the tournament showed the first 10 minutes of the game,” Musselman said after.

“Then I thought we got a little bit settled in, maybe after the nerves of that first 10 minutes.

I thought our defense was incredible.”

Colgate coach Matt Langel said: “It’s definitely disappointing.

I think the country got to see the team that we are with the lead that we got.

Obviously, we weren’t able — the game’s 40 minutes and Arkansas was very deserving of the victory.”

Former Indiana University standout Justin Smith, now a graduate transfer at Arkansas, scored a game-high 29 points and grabbed 13 rebounds in his ninth double-double.

He set a career scoring high and also had five steals.

Fans chanted his name as the team walked off the court.

“Early on in the first half, we were letting them be too comfortable,” Smith said.

“Then coach made the decision to start pressing them.

That let us speed them up and have us play the way we want to play.

“The last four minutes of the first half showed us how we were going to win this game.”

Musselman talked in his hotel room Thursday night with his son Michael, the program’s director of recruiting, and they decided they’d use a full-court press at some point.

They didn’t know when.

But it was time once they were down 14 to a No.

14 seed.

It worked.


14 seeds are now 21-120 all-time against No.

3 seeds.

The last upset came from Stephen F.

Austin in 2016.

The Razorbacks are one win away from their first Sweet 16 since 1996.

“As a group, we may have been tight, but we were just figuring out what they were doing,” Smith said.

“They were different than we had played all year.

We can’t get behind by that, especially in this tournament, but once we got loose, we were ready to go.”

The Razorbacks will meet No.

6 seed Texas Tech in the second round on Sunday.

The Red Raiders defeated Utah State, 65-53, in the first round.


Arkansas basketball Arkansas basketball

Fri, 19 Mar 2021 10:00:00 -0700

Arkansas knew what it was getting into with its first-round NCAA tournament game against Colgate


Still, the third-seeded Razorbacks needed a full 40 minutes 

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Arkansas knew what it was getting into with its first-round NCAA tournament game against Colgate.

Still, the third-seeded Razorbacks needed a full 40 minutes to outlast the 14th-seeded Raiders.

Indiana transfer and fifth-year senior forward Justin Smith scored a game-high 29 points on 9-of-17 shooting and 11 for 13 free throws as Arkansas (23-6) survived upset-minded Colgate (14-1) Friday afternoon at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

“Talk about Colgate — 14-1 and they’ve got a great backcourt,” said Arkansas head coach Eric Musselman leading up to the game.


This team Colgate can really, really score the basketball.

They’re second in the nation in scoring at 86.4 points per game.

“They have an incredible assist-to-turnover ratio, second in the nation, eighth in assists.

So they do a great job of moving the basketball from side to side with 17.6 assists per game.

And then their field goal percentage, they take great shots.

They’re 10th in the country in field goal percentage at 49.7%.”

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From the potential of an upset to the eventual outcome, here is a sampling of the media reaction following the 3-14 battle between Arkansas and Colgate.

Colgate…prettttay, prettttay, pretty good basketball team.

Arkansas gonna have to play today.

Colgate is absolutely LOADED with church league superstars and that is terrifying for Arkansas.

From the opening tip, Colgate commanded a tempo.

The Raiders kept pace and then took a largest lead of 33-19 with 5:30 before halftime.

You have a three! You have a three! Everyone is nailing threes!!!

This is where I let everyone know up front that I picked Arkansas to the Final Four.

They trail Colgate by 8 midway through first half.


While Arkansas went cold, Colgate could not miss.

The Raiders did their damage from three as they turned a 17-17 tie at the first half’s 9:49 mark into a 14-point gap.

Arkansas-Colgate getting into a lather.

Colgate up eight early on Arkansas.

Getting open 3s, Arkansas settling for contested jumpers.

Raiders look very, very confident on the offensive end.

Junior guard Nelly Cummings dropped 14 points on a 4-of-8 clip from behind the three-point arc.

While Colgate eventually cooled off late, similar shooting performances from senior guard Jordan Burns (13 points, three triples) and senior guard Jack Ferguson (11 points, three triples) fueled a 44.4% finish by the Raiders, who went 12 for 17 from deep.

Arkansas not taking Colgate seriously, coming out flat, and paying the price early.

Colgate is having fun, which means the Razorbacks weren’t ready for a fight.

Colgate is out here hitting Arkansas with the “too little” sign.

This 14th seed ain’t scared ??????#MarchMadness

Arkansas brought the game back within single digits thanks to a pair of layups by freshman guard Davonte Davis and junior guard Desi Sills.

The Razorbacks trimmed Colgate’s hot start down to a manageable 33-24 deficit after Sills’ 1-for-2 free-throw trip with 3:02 left until halftime.

Arkansas has done a great job defensively the last eight minutes.

Muss turned up the pressure, and the Razorbacks have played with great energy.

Colgate looks overwhelmed.

Arkansas really started to thrive once they started to pressure Colgate from the time they inbounded the ball.

I guess you could say they squeezed the tube from the bottom

Arkansas ended the first half on a 17-0 run, including the exclamation point of a buzzer-beating layup by Davis.

Musselman got the Razorbacks going, but a 36-33 lead into halftime would not entirely put Colgate away.

Muss is so good with adjustments.

Extending the pressure made Colgate sweat all way up the court.

That was a championship run.

Justin Smith has been so good today.

A very cool, smart player.

Spark from Devo got the Hogs rolling on a 17-0 run the final 3:44 of the half to take a 36-33 at the break! Muss had that press in his back pocket.

Stay small, keep the athletes on the floor!! #wps #arkansas #razorbacks #NCAATournament #NCAATournament2021

In fact, the Raiders retook a 39-38 lead 2:25 into the second half.

Colgate built a 9-2 run to go up 42-28 with 17:09 left after Cummings’ three-pointer.

Arkansas head coach Eric Musselman is getting into it, I think he might put a jersey on and play some defense himself.

#NCAATournament #NCAAMBB @usatodaysports

You’re welcome, Hogs.

(Also, Eric Musselman is a tremendous coach.

I’d throw a lot of money at him if I were Minnesota or Indiana)

For Arkansas, though, the Razorbacks’ early-second-half struggles were not a product of coaching.

Musselman was animated throughout the game, especially an initial 10 minutes out of the locker room where he and his team were hoping to put Colgate away.


you gotta play with INSTINCTS ??

(via @marchmadness)

Devo Davis hiking the ball to JD Notae for a three was insane to watch live.#DancingHogs

Davis was among Arkansas’ second-half players to step up, including a nifty pass between the legs that set up a triple by fourth-year junior guard JD Notae.

Notae finished with 14 points off the bench, including a trio of threes.

I thought Arkansas was for sure toast against Colgate

Super impressive second half for the Razorbacks to flip a 14-point deficit into a 15-point lead

Arkansas has scored 56 points in about 22 minutes.

Had 19 points at the 5 minute mark of the 1st half.

They can score in bunches if they get it going.

Arkansas ended the game on a 22-8 run.

After Burns made a pair of free throws to cut the 63-60 margin with 7:21 left, the Razorbacks flipped a switch.

For about 30 minutes, every Razorback fan’s worst fears about facing Colgate came to fruition.

Coach Z and Joe Kleine were spot on during our special, though.

Eventually, Arkansas’ athleticism would be too much for Colgate to overcome, particularly on defense.

That Arkansas win is better than a lot of people probably think because it’s a 3/14 game.

Colgate can play.

Facing No.

6 seed Texas Tech in the second round, Arkansas undoubtedly needs a better performance, from start to finish.

For now, though, a win is a win for the Razorbacks.

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– March 19, 2021
colgate basketball, Colgate

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