This iPhone will not support WhatsApp 2021

This iPhone will not support WhatsApp 2021
This iPhone will not support WhatsApp 2021

The instant messaging application WhatsApp (which has more than 2 billion users) has stopped working on an iPhone smartphoneIt turned out that the recent update of the instant messaging application “WhatsApp”, which is currently available on the “Apple” store, dropped the support for the operating system “IOS9”, and thus the application did not work on the “iPhone 4S” phone that was launched in 2011, that is, 10 years ago.

WhatsApp is requested through the latest version of its iPhone (22150) The availability of the operating system “iOS 10” or a later version, and since it is not possible to update the “iPhone 4S” phone to the “iOS 10” system, users who still own this particular phone will not be able to use the applicationIt is noteworthy that the last time the WhatsApp application was updated to remove support for old phones was in February 2020, through a release that dropped support for the iOS 8 operating system.

And the application of “WhatsApp” always advises all users of unsupported phones to export all their chat logs, before they completely stop working on them.

The new WhatsApp update The WhatsApp application is one of the largest applications of the Facebook companyAnd the number of its users around the world is about 22 billion, and it is the most downloaded app on smartphonesIn August 2016, WhatsApp made a major update to its privacy policy to share user data with Facebook, but it provided the option to reject or accept.

It is worth noting that there are countries that do not meet the new conditions, such as the European Union and BritainThe new conditions stipulate the collection and sharing of information with other Facebook companies such as phone number, account picture, and user activities on the application in addition to specifying the digital identifier (IP) of the computer or the user’s phone, location and language.

It also includes collecting information about payment transactions and users’ financial dataFacebook aims to “develop sales and earning services by allowing advertisers to communicate with their customers through WhatsApp, or even sell their products directly through the platform.

“The management of “WhatsApp” said in a statement that “the data that may be shared between” WhatsApp “and the rest of” Facebook “applications will not include the content of messages that remain encrypted.

But it seems that these assurances did not dispel the suspicions of the application users who decided to resort to the “Signal” application, especially after Elon Musk called on his followers to use it.

More than 100,000 people have downloaded the “Signal” application on their devices during the past two days, while Telegram has been downloaded about two million times, according to the data analysis company, Sensor Tower.

Signal, in turn, announced heavy pressure on its platform

This iPhone will not support WhatsApp 2021
This iPhone will not support WhatsApp 2021

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