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Cancer defeats Reem Ghazali 2021 The beauty of Algerian drama is 38 years old

Cancer defeats Reem Ghazali  2021  The beauty of Algerian drama is 38 years old
Cancer defeats Reem Ghazali 2021 The beauty of Algerian drama is 38 years old

Algerian actress Reem Ghazali died, Wednesday, at the age of 38, after a long struggle with cancer.

“Star Academy” star Salma Ghazali published an influential video on social media platforms, in which she called her sister “a smile and tears of sadness” and called her for mercy.

Salma Ghazali said: “The Gazelle of Algeria left us.

The smile did not leave me because I know that God Almighty chose the best and the best for you.

” She asked her audience to pray for her with mercy.

And she continued, with a smile covered in tears of sadness: “She is sure that God will give her many sweet things.

This is how my heart feelsMay God be patient and give strength to my mother and fatherPraise be to God for your mercy, O LordAllah is the greatest”Since the beginning of March, the late star Reem Ghazali has led the Algerian trend on Twitter with the tag “# God_Health_Rem_ Ghazali” with more than 5,000 tweets, all calling for her to recover from her serious illness.

At the time, Reem Ghazali’s sister published a pamphlet in several languages, in which she asked her audience to pray for her for a speedy recovery, and in return praised the artist’s refusal to “exploit her illness for the sympathy of her audience after she preferred to boycott the communication sites,” and said: “I have always respected you not to exploit weakness and disease for the sake of fame.

” “The late Algerian artist, Rim Ghazali, suffered several years ago from cancer, and had to remove a tumor from the brain after an urgent surgery to save her from memory and vision loss as a result of the tumor, which was a successful operation.

However, cancer has re-infiltrated the brain and body of “Reem”, and she was admitted to a hospital in Paris since April 2019, until her health deteriorated in the last month.

And the last thing that was published by the artist Reem Ghazali through her account on “Instagram” was on January 24, when she was photographed wearing the captain’s dress and cap, and she said: “Bring me the plane.

“Is enoughLord, ease us.

“Most of her publications express her longing for her family and her country, especially after illness forced her to stay in Paris for more than two years.

In November 2019, the late Reem Ghazali announced for the first time that she had cancer in the brain, and said that she “The warrior has always fought and is still fighting.

Her brother Ahmad supported it as long as he stood still.

And she continued: “Reem Ghazali, everyone around her who loves her, supports her.

As for her father, Mr.

Ghazali, his whole life is Reem, and she has a mother who is not like all mothers, and she has a husband who respects her and supports her in her practical and normal life.

God’s power exceeds that of doctors.

”A multi-talented star.

The late actress Reem Ghazali is considered one of the stars of the new generation in Algeria.

She appeared for the first time in the third season of “Star Academy” and succeeded her sister “Salma”, who participated in the same program in its second season.

The actress, Reem Ghazali, was born on June 29, 1982 in Algiers, and is known for her beauty.

After her marriage to producer Nabil Bin Nasser, actress Reem Ghazali entered the field of acting and cinematic and dramatic production, and her first dramatic work was produced in Ramadan 2018 entitled “The Queen Hidora” and broadcast on most Algerian channels.

She also participated in other cinematic and dramatic works, including “El Inspector El Taher”, and presented television programs, the most famous of which was “Al Waara”, which achieved the highest viewership in Algeria, the Maghreb and France.

She also released an album entitled “Gramo” written by Reda Sherif and composed by Ahmed Al-Atabani, and the song achieved widespread success through the communication sites

Cancer defeats Reem Ghazali 2021 The beauty of Algerian drama is 38 years old
Cancer defeats Reem Ghazali 2021 The beauty of Algerian drama is 38 years old

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